Haryana Day celebrations for 50th anniversary

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Sydney 24 October, 2017:- The Haryanvi Association

Madhvi and Kavita pictures by Harmohan Walia

of Australia organised Haryana Day on the completion of 50 years of its formation. Haryana was carved out of Punjab on 1 November, 1966. Haryana is spread over 44,212 Sq. kms and boasts of several industries and Agriculture farms to become the third in per capita income. Haryana is famous for sending out young people to the Army and excellence in sports by winning  several medals in national and international


It needs to be mentioned that  King Hemu or Hem Chandra Vikramaditya was a brave Haryana warrior from Rewari who had won 22 wars consecutively before his martyrdom at the hands of Akbar.

Maharaja Hemu Bhargava_-Victor of Twenty Two Pitched Battles:- source wikipedia

Hemu claimed royal status after defeating Akbar’s Mughal forces on 7 October 1556 in the Battle of Delhi and assumed the ancient title of Vikramaditya that had been adopted by many Hindu kings in the past.[3] A month later, Hemu was wounded by a chance arrow and captured during the Second Battle of Panipat. Akbar’s regent, Bairam Khan beheaded him shortly thereafter.

On 22 October, 2017 Elegant Creations of Madhvi and Vikram Mohindra created a mini Haryana at the SP Patel Brothers function Centre in Harris Park, New South Wales with ‘Chaupal’ and tea stall to give the ambiance of village life.

The celebrations started with two ladies Madhvi and Kavita, both childhood friends, dressed in Haryanvi outfits and speaking in chaste Haryanvi. They were joined by Vikram who apologised for not being very fluent in Haryanvi but sang a ragini– a local folk song for the audience who made from different parts of the country. Madhvi said we all are from India and hence all are Indians.

Thereafter, Madhvi’s daughter performed a folk dance. Nimble footed danced to the much appreciation and applause by the packed audience. Though Bollywood has given two films in Haryanvi namely, Sultan and Dangal, but there was nothing noteworthy related to Bollywood in the programme—purely Haryanvi flavour.

The two ladies, Madhvi and Kavita, then teamed up to sing another folk song and they were joined by Anita in the dance. Mr. Subhash Gaur who came down to Australia from Kurukshetra, famous for Mahabharata narrated anecdotes from his association and life in Haryana. Special mention is for Ms. Saba Zaidi whose maternal ancestors are from Panipat, Haryana. She recited a poem by Maulana Hali that was dedicated to girls/women in 1915.  Dr. Nihal Agar, gave his blessings to the Mohindra’s for their fantastic efforts to celebrate the occasion.

How can a celebration end without Haryanvi food? The famous Haryanvi Jalebi and laddoos were sumptuous enough to make for dinner along with samosas. Congratulations to Madhvi and Vikram who hail from Bhiwani for making this event a success without taking a cent from any sponsor. Vikram said we wanted to make it a ‘moneyless’ event like the ones in the past too. Congratulations, once again Madhvi and Vikram for the excellent show.


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