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The Indian Sub-continent Times (The IS Times) is an Online newspaper and available at any time anywhere in Australia and the world over.  The IST stands for bold journalism where reporting without fear or favour is the hallmark of the newspaper.  The IST has written with results about events affecting the Indian Australian community like the ISI former Director being honoured at a dinner where one of the guests was official of the Indian ruling party. And the result was that official being removed from the party. Another event was related to the same dispensation installing a bankrupt member as president of the Victoria unit  against the Fair Trading  of Australia rules. The bankrupt leader was also removed from the unit. In another instance, a reputed community organisation began collecting funds for transportation of mortal remains of a young Indian banker whose family communicated to this organisation that they are not in the need for the money and requested it to refund the money collected. But this organisation showed no urgency to return the collected money. The organisation is reportedly not having the required certification from the State Government but after the article was written, the organisation agreed to refund the money it collected.

Though all articles are original, but all our writers are experienced professionals and experts in their own fields. Our regular contributing writers cover a diverse range of Indian Sub-continent topics. Readers have well accepted the newspaper and felt the change in presentation and choice of reports both Indian and local

About the Editor / Publisher “The IS Times” is the first Indian Sub-continent ethnic newspaper in Sydney owned and published by a professional. Mr. Ashok Kumar is an accomplished journalist with over 38 years’ experience in various capacities in the profession. He has worked in some of the top national dailies of India including The Hindustan Times as a Chief Sub-editor and at the Fairfax Community Newspapers in Australia. He had a brief stint at the University of Western Sydney as a tutor in journalism.

The Target Readership: The istimes.com is free and everyone  is free to read and comment. The target readership is the population of the Sub-continent which as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics is over 500,000 and rising and the Australian community that has keen interest in the Indian happenings (in India and Australia). The IS Times is becoming popular with the sub-continent population as it addresses issues of interest to the overseas student population, to the visiting parents, the industrious working class of the Sub-continent, to the housewives and the little ones – the future – the next generation. It is now adding a page exclusively for the elderly (seniors) as they have been looking for something of their interest in the newspapers. The IST is fulfilling their need and trying to reach all sections of the sub-continent population. The IST articles and reports are being picked up ather commuity newspapers, like, The Indian Down Under, South Asia Times.

Why The IST: As a professional journalist, I feel that a large number of keen readers are deprived of the developmental news and views from the sub-continent presuming that the readers are not interested to know. Our culture, traditions and values need a correct projection. The key issues affecting the typical person from the Sub-continent are never raised. The IS Times is attempting to fix these issues. The other problem is that several local events in Australia fail to get mentioned. The readers need a paper in which they get full participation, where a forum is developed for matters of common interest. We strive to reach all and report all.

How we aspire to be different: • The Indian Sub-continent Times is not a “yet another” newspaper. It is a forum for the ethnic population for expressing their opinion on issues affecting the community.

  • The Indian Sub-continent has been projected in Australia as a region of abject poverty, poor hygiene and illiteracy. We have to explode this myth. There is a lot of development happening in the region that matches the so-called most developed nations. We are proud of this. Our rich culture and values need to be reinfused among the masses.
  • Our mission is to integrate all groups and build a new sub-continent overseas.
  • The newspaper has sections devoted to students, women, a community forum and features of sub-continental interest. The hallmark of the paper is its Opinion page where experts in their fields comment upon current issues. The centre spread is all colour and used for photographs and colour advertising.
  • Our valued readers have an active participation in the newspaper via “letters to Editor”.
  • The Headlines have a professional touch and are catchy and innovative.

The IST has been media partner for several events of mass participation to give its patrons best advertising advantage.

The IST has several marketing strategies to bolster circulation including plan to install a stand at vantage points at the retail outlets.

We are different by doing things differently.

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