An undischarged bankrupt heads the Victorian OFBJP

By Ashok Kumar
Sydney, 21 September, 2016

The Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP), Australia is fishing in troubled waters again. And this is all due to the ineptitude of its officials. First it was its national convenor, Rahul Jethi, attending dinner to welcome former ISI chief in a Harris Park restaurant and now appointing an undischarged bankrupt person as head of one of its state chapters.

bhatnagarThis paper has received documents stating that OFBJP Australia’s Victoria head, Kushagra Bhatnagar, is listed as an undischarged bankrupt in National Personal Insolvency Index, which is maintained by Australian Financial Security Authority of Australian Government. The IST made a search of this index and confirmed that the information about Bhatnagar bankruptcy is correct. The details are as follows:
BANKRUPTCY – Debtors Petition
AFSA Reference QLD 3971/15/9
Date of Bankruptcy 29-Sep-2015

The IST researched on some rules and regulations which are relevant for people with undischarged bankruptcy.
An undischarged bankrupt can’t;
• Hold a position of Director, Trustee or similar position in Australia,
• Contest election in Australia
• Continue to be a member of any elected body of Australia
• hold an office of profit under the Crown,
• have a pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Commonwealth Public Service (except as a member of an incorporated company of more than 25 people).

It is clear that an undischarged bankrupt can’t hold any position with responsibilities which are similar or equivalent to what a director of a company or Trustee of a Trust is expected to have. An executive committee position in any Australian-registered organisation is equivalent or similar to a director or Trustee position. It is especially important if money transaction and management in any form or shape are involved as part of the responsibility of that position. OFBJP Victoria president position is clearly such a position, as is shown in OFBJP Australia website. (Bhatnagar, by virtue of being president of OFBJP, Victoria has access to all donations)

Mr Bhatnagar’s bankruptcy is “Debtors petition” type, with its own meanings.

Quite many members of Indian community in Victoria are concerned about the fact that Bhatnagar moved interstate to Victoria after/around he was declared undischarged Bankrupt in Queensland, where he was OFBJP Queensland President.

Bhatnagar is a close friend of Mr Balesh Singh Dhankar, OFBJP Australia President and it was Dhankar who appointed Bhatnagar as Victoria President of OFBJP. This shows poor judgment on part of Balesh Singh Dhankar.

People are wondering why the OFBJP Australia president appointed Bhatnagar as President of OFBJP Chapter in Victoria, where he had moved only recently, ignoring his status as an undischarged bankrupt?

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