Australian courts suit me well, says Saina Nehwal

By Ashok Kumar

saina-nehwal-720    The Indian Sub-continent Times (THE IST) had the opportunity to catch up with two-time Australian Badminton Open winner Saina Nehwal of India. The IST congratulated the seventh seed, Saina on her victory and Saina thanked The IST.

        The IST:  What goes through your mind when the score is 19 all in the final game of the tournament?

Saina: When score reads 19 all in final match it means that it is any body’s game. Both of us were well exhausted and a correct shoot or drop may change the game very quickly.I kept my cool and played the best powerful shots. The opponent (Sun Yu) tried her best to level it but I won because my decisions were better than the opponent.

  1. The IST: Australian Open is becoming your happy hunting ground, your views please!!Saina: Australia is very heavy type of court, shuttle moves with power. Such situations suit me well

    The IST: What role does unforced errors play in win or loss?

    Saina: Unforced errors mean that you are weaker than the opponent. Unforced errors are important for defeat. One has to avoid unforced errors.

    The IST: How do you encourage/inspire/motivate others in your team?

    Saina:  I motivate my other player by discussing with them my game and tell them when one player can do, the others too have capability to win.

    The IST: Thank you very much for your time.

    Saina: Thank you very much.



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