Bankrupt OFBJP leader Kushagra Bhatnagar promoted or demoted?

By Ashok Kumar

December 10, 2016

Kushagra Bhatnagar

The IS Times has received some communications from Victoria about Mr Kushagra Bhatnagar being appointed as a member of “Political Advisor Group” of OFBJP Australia by Balesh Singh Dhankar ( in November 2016.  Bhatnagar was appointed as Victoria head of OFBJP in May, 2016.  Prior to that he was OFBJP Head of Queensland, from where he moved to Victoria following his bankruptcy. explains the matter well.

Many members of Indian Australian community including those who have/had relations with OFBJP Australia had serious concerns about Bhatnagar holding the position of OFBJP Victoria head.  This matter reached OFBJP global head, Vijay Chauthaiwale and BJP leaders like Ram Madhav and Amit Shah. Following this, the writer was trolled and attacked by OFBJP Australia leaders and fake Twitter accounts seemingly linked with them for writing about this matter. Chauthaiwale, instead of responding to this and taking an appropriate action, chose to support his “attack dogs” from OFBJP Australia and even re-tweeted those tweets which were personally abusive to the writer.

Now without any explanation or clarification to people, Dhankar appoints Jay Shah as the OFBJP Victoria Head and Bhatnagar as a member of  “Political Advisor Group”, which appears to be a totally new position. It did not exist before if you go by OFBJP Australia website and their press releases.

Bhatnagar was appointed OFBJP Victoria Head only in May 2016. So what happened that he was removed from this position only 6 months later in November 2016?

The questions which come to the mind are;

  1. Has Bhatnagar resigned himself because a bankrupt person cannot be a committee member?
  2. If he did not resign himself, then was he forced to resign because a bankrupt person cannot be a committee member?
  3. If (1) and (2) are not correct, then what is the reason for him to not be OFBJP Victoria head?
  4. Is membership of “Political Advisor Group” a promotion or a demotion?
  5. OFBJP Australia had put out a press release (it seems they have removed it now from OFBJP Australia website), defending Bhatnagar, claiming his appointment was done in consultation with OFBJP Global Head, Vijay Chauthaiwale, and that there was nothing wrong in his appointment. If so, then why he has moved from the position of OFBJP Victoria Head?
  6. What is so special about Bhatnagar that Dhankar has to appoint him as a “leader” of OFBJP?
  7. OFBJP Australia is a registered association in NSW, where leadership positions are filled by an election by members, not appointed by President. Is Dhankar above rules in Australia or is he operating OFBJP Australia as a Mafia organisation with patronage from Vijay Chauthaiwale?
  8. While Dhankar keeps changing leaders as he wishes, when is he going to replace himself? He took this position on 25/9/13, which is more than 3 years ago.
  9. Has OFBJP Australia ever done an AGM, where elections are held?

OFBJP Australia is a body, which has become a joke in the community, and nothing will change this impression while Dhankar is heading it and Chauthaiwale is supervising it. After all, how can people forget that its national convenor, Rahul Jethi, went for a welcome dinner for Ex-chief of ISI, Ehsan ul-Haq, in Sydney, which led to his sacking from OFBJP position.



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