Be A High Achiever in 2010

By Roseline Deleu

2010 – Year of TRUTH and INTEGRITY
Predictions for January 2010
CAREER – People become more and more aware of their life choices.  Chances of change appear daily. No more ‘blame game’- no more of staying put or even stuck in the same position… You are now strong enough to take action and move forward. This January, many will take a step out of their comfort zone to discover who they really are thriving more interest, joy and ambition in their current or new job.
LOVE – Interestingly this month you regain lust and desire that you were missing in 2009 by decreasing your alcohol intake. Clear communication and expressing genuine feelings will encourage physical and chemical attraction.
FAMILY – Keep away from your television addiction. You have lost too much of your quality time in 2009 spending it watching uninteresting programs or bad News. Take time out to visit elderly friends, bring a cake along and enjoy a really nice cup of tea and a chat.
WEALTH – Looking at what people spent for Christmas presents leaves you speechless… way too much over the top for you. Your resolution in regards to money for 2010 is definitely oriented towards quality rather than quantity.
YOU – Ask yourself ‘what is holding me back’ – ‘what are my fears’. Once acknowledged and accepted, they can now fade away.
HELP – When feeling pushed into an uncomfortable situation, breathe and physically move one step back. Observe and go into your emotion. Breathe it out and move on. If anyone criticizes you, it is the reflection of what they dislike in themselves; simply send them a deep thought of compassion.
CHILDREN – Monitor and limit computer time to 20 minutes at one time. Interrupt TV and computer games with physical exercises and quality time with you. Children are smarter than you think. It is now time to review your parenting role and be their example for a wonderful year ahead.
OPENNESS – Loads of new ideas to put into place. Don’t delay and act now. Budget your projects carefully… good news, in January you can find many solutions to make all these creations come to life. This month is very ‘fertile’ for those who were challenged with pregnancies in the past.
SELF CONFIDENCE – Wow, what is happening to you? Flow of ideas like never before… You might feel a little bit overwhelmed at first but by the end of January you will be surprised how much you have put into place.
Disclaimer : These predictions are for FYI = for your own improvement only. Take responsibility for your actions.
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