BJP man among guests at dinner for Ex- ISI Chief

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By Our Staff Correspondent
Former Chief of Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was welcomed and had dinner with Pakistani and Indian community members in Sydney.
In the third week of January 2016, invitations were sent out by a member of Pakistani community, based in Western Sydney, to welcome and have dinner with former Director General of ISI, Lt. General Ehsan Ul-Haq. This particular member of Pakistani community in Sydney is rumoured to be very close to ISI. Lt.Gen Haq was in Australia for 3 months.
Many Pakistani members attended that event held in a restaurant in Harris Park in Western Sydney owned by this Pakistani man’s closest Indian friend, but surprisingly, a large number of Indians, mainly Sikhs dominated the gathering. They included top Indian leaders of Subcontinent Friends of Labor, including its President and Secretary and a member of Punjabi media in Sydney.arrow
A prominent member of the Hindu community (arrow marked in the pic),  who was actively involved in the welcome event for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Sydney in November 2014 and also is a top leader of OFBJP, too attended the dinner. This has become a matter of significant concern in the Indian community. This particular member is apparently a member of RSS and claims to be close to top BJP leaders.
Many members of Indian community had the invitation but refused to attend the dinner because they did not feel it was right or appropriate to join dinner with an ISI official.  
ISI has chequered history of anti-India activities, creating, nurturing and supporting terrorists groups to cause terrorist attacks and mayhem inside India and in Kashmir. Examples of their anti-India activities are numerous. Lt. Gen Haq was interviewed by ABC Lateline. Instead of feeling embarrassed about the stay of Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan for several years, Lt. Gen Haq was critical of the USA’s raid on the building where Bin Laden was killed.
People are perplexed about the reasons for Indians taking part in such an unusual dinner. They are also perplexed and concerned about the agenda of ISI in Sydney and Australia.
A question is in the minds of many members of Indian community. Will members of Pakistani community in Australia join a dinner event with India’s spy agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW ) officials?
1. The restaurant owner where this welcome dinner took place called IST and tried to bully. IST responded in this manner. “Hi …., I ask you to refer to the contents of your call this morning. I wish to express my annoyance with you. Firstly, you did not even read the article and claimed that “………….” is mentioned. You are totally wrong. I advise you that you read the article again. My question to you is this. Do you want me to mention your restaurant in the article? Secondly, you tried to bully me by saying that you will send me a legal notice. I advise you that I don’t appreciate such childish comments. The story is factual and I am least bothered by legal notices. I may appear “Seedha Saadha”, but that doesn’t mean I’m a push over. Thirdly, you asked whether  I have money to fight court cases. This is an offensive and insulting comment. I ask you to never repeat such nonsense ever again. If you have decency, you should apologise to me. I earn my money honestly and have sufficient money to live and enjoy life. I don’t borrow money from you. I am not a beggar. Please, do not ever try to bully or intimidate me because I am made of tough stuff, and can defend myself. You probably made a wrong impression about me. I have records of what you said, and will use it when necessary. Finally, it is a matter of shame for Indians to have dinner with ISI officials.”
2. The restaurant owner sent an Text Message and tried to bully again. His SMS is reproduced below. The restaurant owner did mention who he is referring to by “my friend”, but I have decided to not name them here. His Text message is here.
“In the article reference was very clear to my friend and my restaurant.  It was idiotic to say that Indians shouldn’t have dinner with ISI. I am a RestuRant owner and anyone well come to me rest. When Modi went to Pakistan for wedding with his 120 delegates then you guys didn’t make any noise. MOdi killed hundreds of Muslims in Gujarat you guys sucked his D and made him PM. We meet with former ISI to ask tough questions and your arse is burning. He was a retired Gen came to Aus to deliver lectures and nothing. He was kind to meet with us so big deal. Further dinner was in Jan and you fucken write this article nonsense in April so I believe your article was nothing but a “shararat”.  Tell your master that I am getting proof to sue both of you.”
3. Our response (Text Message to him) to above comments:
“Your restaurant was not mentioned, because I did not see the need to mention it. There would have been nothing wrong if I did in fact mention it as a fact. If you want me to mention it, I will do so. Unlike your opinion, my view is that it is unpatriotic and wrong to have dinner with ISI officials because they are involved in anti-India activities. Google and find out about anti-India activities inside India by ISI and their protege, LeT and JeM terrorist groups. You can’t equate yourself with Modi because you are not the Prime Minister of India. You are wrong that our arse is burning. Instead, Heart is burning. The dinner with former chief of ISI was indeed in January but information came out only recently. It’s a public interest matter. Regarding my master, I have to inform you that my masters are my soul and Lord Rama. You are welcome to collect as much information or so-called “proofs” against them and sue all of us. The article has factual information, and I am least worried about childish threats. You need to stop your attempts to bully and intimidate us. It’s not going to work. I may look a “Seedha Sadha” by appearance, but I am quite firm from inside. Also, if you think I have some other ‘master’, you are welcome to tell me about him/her and deal with him. Now, I had enough of bullying. I ask you to stop sending text messages or calling me. If you have anything to say, please go to the article and put your comment there publicly.”
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