Bracing for ‘Pakode pe charcha’

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Bhartiya Janata Party national president Mr. Amit Shah has stirred the hornet’s nest with his ‘witty’ remarks on making and selling pakodas. Is he evading the real issue of not being able to provide jobs to millions of graduates, MBAs, Engineers and teachers?

No doubt, it’s not a shame to make pakodas but being a graduate, post-graduate or an MBA and forced to sell pakodas is indeed a shame, Mr. Shah. Just today only a B.Ed strangled himself to death with his mother’s saari on not being able to find a job. All the promises of creating jobs have been consigned to the next elections. How many more such suicides you want, Mr. Shah?

Umpteen of broadcasters/anchors have highlighted Government’s failure to provide jobs to the millions of graduate jobless who are being forced to sell pakodas.

At a time when job creation is slow and millions of people are frustrated by their inability to find employment in the formal sector, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment in a television interview recently that a person selling pakodas outside the studio of that news channel amounts to employment creation is unfortunate. Sure, the person is productive and is making some money to pay for basic needs. However, more likely than not, he is there not by choice but due to lack of choice. Chances are he would much rather be employed with the TV studio, even serving tea or running errands, that would fetch him a fixed monthly salary than spend long hours on the footpath.

When Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, the opposition jibe of “chaiwala” was transformed into “Chai pe Charcha.” Are we looking forward to “Pakode pe charcha” by Amit Shah?

Taking a cue from Mr. Modi and Mr. Amit Shah will the Australia branch of BJP organise Pakode pe Charcha

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