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Feng Shui– Intuitive June predictions

By Roseline Deleu LIFE PATH, CAREER – Health This June is the month where many of us will let go of a physical or emotional dis-ease – it will literally fly away! Like a parachute jump, we push the sickness, discomfort, anxiety or other health issue away from us and we accompany this rejection with the […]

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Feng Shui: November predictions by Roseline Dilieu

LIFE PATH, CAREER – Use your third Eye November 2013, be quiet, listen and meditate – your third eye works preciously. Silence speaks. Take time out for you – just for you – rest and meditate – even for just an hour a day for those of you who can’t allow more. When in silence, clear […]

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You spend a third of your life in bed

By Roseline Deleu: Your bedroom is the most important room for your health and happiness and should be considered as your Love Sanctuary for you and your partner (even if you don’t have one). Did you realise that you are spending a third of your life in bed so have a closer look at this […]

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Predictions for May 2010 By Roseline Deleu

  Predictions for MAY 2010 by Roseline Deleu LIFE PATH Tip LOVE FAMILY WEALTH YOU HELP and HELPERS CHILDREN & CREATIONS Tip STUDY, OPENNESS SELF CONFIDENCE Roseline Deleu’s digitally created designs leading to these May 2010 predictions, can be seen when watching her short video Clip on “FengShuiSteps” YouTube Channel – Enjoy! – Happy […]

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Predictions for March 2010

                                                                    By Roseline Deleu   CAREER – Abundance, Money and Wealth are coming your way! Simply open up your views, your ideas, your arms and remember to say “YES – THANK YOU” when it is time to receive. You used to totally ignore new opportunities that could increase your income; this month you can change this […]

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Be A High Achiever in 2010

By Roseline Deleu 2010 – Year of TRUTH and INTEGRITY   Predictions for January 2010   CAREER – People become more and more aware of their life choices.  Chances of change appear daily. No more ‘blame game’- no more of staying put or even stuck in the same position… You are now strong enough to […]

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How can you Increase your Number of Clients

FENG SHUI Column –      by Roseline Deleu, Feng Shui master & author   The flow of the energy in your business needs to be different than in your house. We are at work to enjoy what we do, while we are also manifesting our Abundance. At work, we will aim to create an […]

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Do you want to live like rich and famous

          FENG SHUI Conference DAY Sunday 12 October 2008 Gold Coast – Southport (Sharks Club) Full details on      Have you ever thought how much some of our lives are influenced by what happens to celebrities! We believe they ‘have’ it all, we think they ‘know’ it all, we […]

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Emptiness is sometimes hard to keep

By Roseline Deleu – Feng Shui Master & Author   Creating a vacuum offers you the opportunity to welcome something new into your life. We already know that the important procedure of de-cluttering is the key number 1 in Feng Shui. The process of emptying cupboards of non-used items, discarding stagnant items in the […]

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