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Prepare for festive season

  SOOO    SWEET   In the forthcoming  festive season  treat your friends and family with these cakes, pies, slices, baklava, rabri, trifles and tarts. Serve these easy to make mouth watering treats after meal as a dessert or have it with a cup of tea or coffee as a snack. Baklava, cake and slices are […]

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Quick snacks recipes by Usha Kirpalani

    Mrs. Usha Kirpalani Chaana Chaat   1 can of chick pea (chaana) 1onion diced 1 small potato boiled 2 green chilies sliced 1 lemon juiced 1 tabs chaat masala salt to taste   Peel and cut the potato in small pieces. Open the can of chick pea and wash in a sieve with running […]

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Juicy recipes by Usha Kirpalani

Mrs. Usha Kirpalani the NSW State winner of 1995 Dairy Farmer’s Top Cook competition and author of  Indian Cooking  for All Ocassions   By Usha Kirpalani One of the most efficient way to supply a wide range of nutrients to your body is by juicing fruit and vegetables every day. Drinking two to three glasses […]

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