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Air India being used as a surrogate punching bag for anti-India campaign

By Ashok Kumar Sydney, 01 March, 2017 Air India appears to be dragged into an unnecessary controversy over serving Halal meal to its passengers. A community organisation claiming support of various other bodies has written to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi  Raju, and also Indian High Commissioner to Australia Dr. A.M. […]

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Bankrupt OFBJP leader Kushagra Bhatnagar promoted or demoted?

By Ashok Kumar December 10, 2016 The IS Times has received some communications from Victoria about Mr Kushagra Bhatnagar being appointed as a member of “Political Advisor Group” of OFBJP Australia by Balesh Singh Dhankar ( in November 2016.  Bhatnagar was appointed as Victoria head of OFBJP in May, 2016.  Prior to that he was OFBJP Head of […]

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Why High Commission of India and Consulates in Australia should refain from being selective when inviting operatives linked with Indian political parties

Editorial:   Sydney, NSW, 16 November, 2016 The IS Times has been contacted by many Indians living in Australia with their concerns in regards to high profile invitations which High Commission of India (HCI) and Consulates seem to be extending to operatives linked with some political parties of India.  It also appears that this favour is limited to […]

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Why a journalist shouldn’t be an office bearer of a community association?

Dated: 25th June, 2016 Only a few days ago, there was a fiery debate in Facebook about who is journalist who is not. Rajwant Singh wanted a debate with Dr Yadu Singh’s view as to why Rajwant is not a journalist. Many points were mentioned which will make a media person a “non-journalist”. They included a media person promoting political […]

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Potential to take trade ties with India to new level, says Andrew Robb

Like so many Australians over the summer, I got to spend a day at the cricket. In my case it was during the Fourth Test between Australia and India at the SCG. This was just before leading a most productive 450-strong Australian business mission to India, our largest ever to the sub-continent. Australia Business Week […]

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Parramasala deserves support from community

Dr. Yadu Singh writes in his blog, Parramasala is a key festival, organised by the NSW Government. Held in Parramatta, the heart of Western Sydney, it is in its fifth year. STARTING out as an Australian festival of South Asian arts and culture, it is now very multicultural. Performances include those from the cultures of […]

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Surrogacy needs to be streamlined, investigated

Dr. Yadu Singh writes in his Blog Sydney, 9th October, 2014 Reading the newspapers this morning, I feel concerned and perturbed with some issues around surrogacy. Only recently, we were told that  baby Gammy was abandoned by an Australian couple in Thailand, because he has Down’s syndrome. His twin sister, who was […]

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We’ll do everything to make sure you stay safe

In recent weeks, the murderous rage in the Middle East threatened to erupt in the heart of Australia. ISIL reaches out with deadly purpose from Iraq and Syria to the other states of the Middle East. And it reaches out to us as well. On Tuesday last, our intelligence services intercepted a senior ISIL operative instructing […]

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Economic diplomacy aims to unlock trade opportunities

Opinion by Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs MP Australia’s prosperity is – more than ever – tied to the fortunes of the highly competitive global economy.  Sustaining our strong economic record, 23 years of uninterrupted growth, requires active international engagement. Today we will launch the Government’s economic diplomacy agenda that will underpin that engagement […]

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MH 17 not an accident but a crime: Abbott

  The downing of MH17 is not an accident, it’s a crime. There were 298 men, women and children on this aircraft – and their deaths offend our sense of justice. We grieve for all, but particularly for the 28 Australians who have lost their lives.   Many others were travelling to Australia on MH17, including […]

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