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How  we can overcome Adrenal Fatigue.

By Darshana Shiva The adrenal glands are like little hats that sit on top of the Kidneys they are vital to our well being and play a major role in secreting hormones, especially those needed at a time of stress, is the aha already starting to come up? In very basic terms when we are […]

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Addressing Health Risks of the South Indian Population

Contributed by a reader Emma Flixton Insulin resistance has featured prominently in research focusing on the prevention of chronic illness, since this condition causes the onset of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. A fascinating new book by Dr. Ronesh Sinha, MD, entitled The South Asian Health Solution, focuses on the fact that South Asians are one […]

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New Study Shows that Yoga Boosts Brain Function in Older Adults

Contributed By a Reader, Emma Flixton  As more of us struggle to balance the demands of work and family life and aim to achieve a state of physical and mental health and wellbeing, yoga is becoming an increasingly popular practice in Australia and, indeed, the world over. Far from being a mere aid in strengthening the body […]

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Hepatitits B awareness events across Sydney

The Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service hosted community events across Sydney in partnership with the Hepatitis B Community Alliance to mark Hepatitis Awareness Week (28th to 3rd August). Funded by Hepatitis NSW Community Grants, the events will provide community members access to important information about hepatitis B as well as talks from health experts on liver health. Information […]

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Mangoes –The new diabetes and cancer buster

By: Jonathan Benson (NaturalNews) The most popular fresh fruit in the world, mangoes are a whole lot more than just a delicious, refreshing treat produced by nature. As evidenced by copious scientific research, mangoes are also a powerful medicinal food, as they contain nutrients that can help clear up skin, promote eye health, stave off […]

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New drug Nesina for diabetes 2 listed on PBS

A new treatment option for up to 175,000 Australians living with type 2 diabetes (T2D), will be reimbursed on the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS), according to a media release. In an Australian-first, the availability of Nesina® (alogliptin) – a once-daily glucose lowering tablet for T2DT2D – means T2D patients who are not well controlled on a single […]

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Rice Bran Oil helpful in control of diabetes

  Mumbai: Diabetes is today recognized as a major lifestyle disease and India has become the Diabetes Capital of the world with 61 million Diabetics between 20-79 years suffering from this dreaded disease and continue to increase by the day. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that by 2030, 8.4% of India’s adult population will have […]

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Study shows mangoes may reduce blood sugar levels

Consumption of mangoes may potentially have a positive effect on blood sugar in obese individuals and help to limit inflammation, according to a new research, reports ANI. The study led by Edralin Lucas, Ph.D., associate professor of nutritional sciences at Oklahoma State University, examined the effects of daily mango consumption on clinical parameters and body […]

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Need more public involvement: 2013 World TB Day

We can all play an important role in combating tuberculosis, according to this year’s World TB Day (Sunday, 24 March). Titled In my lifetime, the campaign urges people to call for a world where no one dies from TB. One of the issues the campaign seeks to highlight is the close links between HIV and […]

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Now, try Green Coffee for weightloss

We are aware that green tea has antioxidant properties. A study indicates that green coffee bean extract is helpful for those who want to get rid of their excess weight. Green coffee protects you from visceral fat accumulation by its antioxidant property. Green coffee extract is widely used as a great way for effective weight […]

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