Census 2016: 163,000 more Indian migrants arrive

By Ashok Kumar

Sydney June 27, 2017

Asian migrants dominate photo courtesy: SMH

The 2016 Census report released today (Tuesday) gives details of 1.3 million new migrants arriving to Australia in the past five years. Among them the top five are from China, India and Philippines after England and New Zealand. The population of Australia has risen to 24.4 million.

The number of Indians arriving is 163,000 behind China’s 191,000 while increasing number of immigrants come from Asia and not Europe. For the first time, the majority of people born overseas are from Asia.

Melbourne is the fastest growing city overtaking Sydney while most migrants live in New South Wales making up 28 per cent of the population. Since 2011, 1656 new people called Sydney home 1859 arrived in Melbourne while ACT has the largest population growth adding more than 40,000 new residents in the past five years an increase of 11 per cent.

While 72 per cent of people speak only English, 2.5 per cent speak Mandarin and only 1.4 per cent speaks Arabic. All together 300 languages are spoken in Australia.

The number of people declaring religion has fallen. In the past five years, the number of people declared they have no religion, a surge of 29.6 per cent with Catholics no longer being largest in terms of religion. Buddhists are now 26 per cent and most are from Vietnam while Muslims hailing from Pakistan and Afghanistan form 14 and 11 per cent. But none of those countries are where Australia gets most of its migrants from.

More than a quarter of Australians are now born overseas, with England remaining dominant single source of expatriates.

Interestingly, more Australians have declared themselves to be in same sex relationship making 46,000 same sex couples a surge of 39 per cent since 2011.

The median personal income of Australians has grown to $662 a week across Australia, $664 in NSW, $644 in Victoria and ACT is the wealthiest at $998 per week.

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