Continuing to repair Budget: Abbott

Tony Abbot
Tony Abbot

Every day the Government is working to build a stronger economy so that we can help Australia’s families and small businesses.

A stronger economy means more investment, more exports and more jobs.  Everyone benefits.

Now, with the return of Parliament on Tuesday, the Government is continuing to put in place the policies that are part of our Economic Action Strategy.

These policies are already making it easier for businesses to compete and to employ more people.

In the last week of Parliament, we scrapped the carbon tax – and the benefits are already filtering through, we’re working with the Senate to scrap the mining tax – a tax that’s raised little yet costs much.

We will cut company tax – making it easier for many small businesses and our record $50 billion infrastructure programme is underway.  This programme means that major works are happening in our cities and regional areas.

And because jobs depend on major investments, we’re clearing the backlog of environmental approvals – with approvals already provided for $800 billion in new projects since the election.

The Government is also opening the door to more trade and more jobs – with free trade agreements with partners like Japan and Korea – and we are working on an agreement with our largest trading partner of all, China.

We are continuing to repair the Budget – because I don’t want to see our children saddled with a debt that robs them of their futures.

We owe it to them – to live within our means; to invest in our future and to get spending under control.

Australia has now had 23 years of economic growth – it is a remarkable achievement that owes so much to the economically responsible decisions of the Hawke and Howard governments.  This Government is continuing that tradition of supporting sensible and reforming policies so that we can build a stronger and more prosperous economy for the benefit of every Australian.

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