Deora: When in power Cong will work on voting rights to overseas Indian citizens






By The IST Staff

Sydney July 30, 2018

Former Indian Ministers and Congress leaders Mr. Sachin Pilot and Mr. Milind Deora on 29 July 2018 were given a reception in Dezire function Centre, Blacktown Sydney by the Indian Overseas Congress, Australia. An interactive Q-A session was the highlight of the evening. The young leaders also talked to the media and posed for photos.

Mr. Pilot and Mr. Milind Deora were accorded a rousing reception at the meet and greet event organized by the Indian Overseas Congress, Australia. The two leaders’ visit is being seen as a continuation of the earlier visit by Mr. Sam Pitroda, aimed at revitalizing the Congress party amongst the large Indian Diaspora in Australia.

Replying to a question by The IST on Rahul Gandhi’s decision to pass over the PM’s seat and the resultant scramble for the position, Mr Deora said, Mr. Gandhi is building the party, he is taking on the challenge of the BJP, and we don’t know what the future holds. There the combinations  will be formed and leadership issue will be decided then.

To a similar question on the dynasty issue, Mr. Deora said there is a misconception about the Gandhi family, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi handed the prime ministership to Dr. Manmohan Singh. The Indians living outside India need to change the mindset and you are very successful NRIs.

Mr Pilot said, in the last 30 years,’ none in the Gandhi family has occupied the position of a Prime Minister, Chief Minister or a Minister. Don’t think Rahul Gandhi is now looking to occupy the top position. “But the Congress will lead an opposition alliance and who will occupy what position, time will tell,” he said.

Asked by The IST to comment on the frequent lynching incidents in India, Mr. Pilot said, “There are laws in the country including on cow slaughter. If anyone violates those laws the due process of law should take its own course. But it cannot be that on mere suspicion you attack and kill people in broad daylight. “We oppose this trend whether it’s in Rajasthan or any other place in the country, we condemn it (lynching). Those convicted of lynching are being garlanded by political leaders, our country cannot afford to have this.”

On the question of granting dual citizenship, Mr. Deora said the main concern is that the Indians who are citizens of Australia or any other country should be allowed to vote in India. That’s something we will try to achieve when we are back in power. There’s no reason why we can’t resolve this issue.

On food security, a media person asked why people still have to go without food even after 70 years of governance; Mr. Pilot observed that today after so many years if our men women and children are deprived of food it’s a matter of shame for all of us. Even after successive governments if people do not get basic amenities, it’s our responsibility to provide the.It’s important to know what the people or the country wants and the parties or their leader doesn’t matter. Our competitors or our party should work for the nation and there should be no enmity.

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