Discovering ‘koomcha’ trail at Zaaffran

Photo by Siddhesh Rishi
Photo by Siddhesh Rishi

By Ashok Kumar

When we were kids there used to be a regular ‘koomcha’ hawker making rounds of our

Photo by Siddhesh Rishi
Photo by Siddhesh Rishi

street. With time, the ‘koomcha hawkers’ set up permanent shops or small eateries at the corner of streets to continue to feed their clientele. We became adults and settled down in life and moved to Australia, slowly forgetting those vendors. But some people know the art of refreshing the ‘koomcha’ taste. Vikrant Kapoor, head chef at Zaffran, Darling Harbour, is one of them. The guests were pleasantly surprised at the variety; even mushrooms were presented in a novel style that is rare in India.

And, the vegetarians were looked after very well; so much so that they had to go for a short walk to come back with some more appetite. There were welcome drinks with canapés in the balcony and soon the guests stared drifting into the dining area. Once seated, guests were taken on a journey through the streets of India with a selection of re-imagined barrow-boy classics. Guests were indulged with 16 courses of Zaaffran’s new Koomcha menu, including Firangi Frankie (Bombay’s ‘original’ multi grain taco with lamb), Chookudar Kay Gilavaat (Crisp beetroot patties with ginger and green chilli and semolina crust) and Dakhani Kebab Chicken tenderloins (Guilded gold with pepper, ginger, garlic and curry leaf).

Altogether 110 guests were present at the VIP event organised by Zaaffran, a long-standing pioneer of refined Indian dining in Sydney, with their Darling Harbour restaurant serving up traditional Indian cuisine with a contemporary flair for an impressive 17 years.

kapoorHead Chef Vikrant Kapoor and Freddie Zulfiqar opened Zaaffran in 1998 with a menu that

Photo by Siddhesh Rishi
Photo by Siddhesh Rishi

was way ahead of its time for Indian foodlovers in Sydney, and it has constantly evolved to stay in front of the emerging Indian dining scene. Zaaffran’s new ‘Koomcha’ menu, meaning Indian hawker food, includes a range of Kapoor’s childhood favourites, which he has redefined with flavours and presentation guaranteed to impress. Koomcha dishes are perfect enjoyed as a starter, or customers can share a larger selection to get the full experience.

With a newly renovated restaurant, and re-launched menu, Zaaffran offers diners an experience unlike any they’ll find in Sydney, something they have consistently strived to do over their 17 year history, and will continue to do for the next 17 years!

Zaaffran-– 10 Darling Drive, Level 2 Harbourside Centre Darling Harbour

NSW 2000 Australia

Trading Hours

Lunch Mon-Sun 12pm-2:30pm*

Dinner Sun-Thu 6pm – 9:30pm*

Fri – Sat 6pm – 10:15pm* —*last order

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