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Roseline Deleu – Feng Shui Master, Author and Inspirational Speaker
Roseline Deleu – Feng Shui Master, Author and Inspirational Speaker






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Have you ever thought how much some of our lives are influenced by what happens to celebrities! We believe they ‘have’ it all, we think they ‘know’ it all, we imagine they ‘have made it’, we expect them to be an example.



 When you delve deeper than in the gossiping of trendy magazines, you understand that those we call ‘Rich and Famous’ have their own issues – mainly with TRUST and INTEGRITY.  For some of them, they live in another reality… in their world, every day is superficial, their lives can turn up side down simply through a media release.

 What about us? Well, we are in the same boat… our lives can turn up side down too – simply by another person’s judgement, comment, approval, disapproval, criticism, compliment. Then, our Ego gets challenged – and we all have an Ego.

 Let us see if some Feng Shui tips can help us managing this Ego of ours…


When you place the grid

In Feng Shui, your home – how it looks and feels today – is reflecting your life at this moment of your life. By placing this grid (Fig. 1) onto the plan of your premises, find where your section ‘9’ is located; this area stands for ‘Fame, Recognition, Well-Being, Compliments’. There, add the element of “Fire” for example: safely light some candles OR display a picture of a fire, OR hang a photograph of what represents heat for you.








Well Being




























Helpful people






Fig 1 – align this side (8-1-6) with your entry, divide your plan into 9 equal parts.





Around the house in general

It is essential to have one picture of you displayed in your home. Of course the ‘look good-feel good’ type of picture is preferred to any other that would remind you of sad times or distressing memories.

Display your nice picture where everyone can see it as they enter the room; don’t be shy! Leave it there for 9 days and see how You feel different. Monitor what you feel towards what people say about you… and then: OBSERVE your reaction; simply observe! Feel how a comment is affecting you and how you can now process it.

Some of you might want to monitor what happens by writing the way they feel in their journal. This is a good step for spiritual growth.

After the 9 days, you are now used to have the picture there and you don’t feel that uncomfortable anymore. Choose to either leave as is or change the picture by swapping it with another one of you (again one that reminds you of good memories). When you will monitor the process, you will see that your capacity of observing has shifted something within you; you react differently now.

The happier the memories in the displayed pictures, the better the vibrations emanate from it and the better you feel.




Feng Shui is a way of living and a powerful tool for personal growth. Keep changing items around your home and you will understand the power of your placement combining it with your intent. You cannot ‘Feng Shui’ your house once in your life time, you evolve – so does the placement around your home! A Feng Shui consultation is a very encouraging experience; learning more about Feng Shui changes your life! I am training Feng Shui Practitioners in the Tropical North QLD – are you ready to learn?


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