Feng Shui– Intuitive June predictions

Roseline Deleu
Roseline Deleu

By Roseline Deleu

This June is the month where many of us will let go of a physical or emotional dis-ease – it will literally fly away! Like a parachute jump, we push the sickness, discomfort, anxiety or other health issue away from us and we accompany this rejection with the consciousness of that disease. This became possible through one of those ‘aha’ moments when we grasped how powerful our minds are. Our mind, body and spirit feel free again and so much better!

LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS – Start with new Connections
We think that nothing is happening in regards to Love & Relationships, everything in that department seems nil or very quiet, too quiet actually. Well, June will surprise us! This month is about new connections, an unexpected spark that will start a beautiful fire work!

Stay away from dairy products and get our calcium intake with fresh and organic green vegetables. Our body will love it, our bones too!

An abundant ray of sunshine lights up our bank account! What an amazing surprise.
We get this additional wealth through doing something that we love and being the person that we long to be. Walk our talk, live our truth and all will appear.

YOU – Goals
Set up new goals – only those that are leading us to a happier life! Let’s write a precise list of our dreams about ‘being’ not ‘having’ – what some of us might call this a ‘bucket list’… all the things we want to live before it is ‘too late’.

That’s a rather unusual prediction but I thought I would write it anyway… This month some of us are about to see aliens, those little green men coming from other planets or other dimensions. No panic! They come in peace. Be aware and stay safe.

IDEAS, CHILDREN & PROJECTS – Rewarding Projects
Some of us already started last month, this month again, our projects are worthwhile delving into, studying and bring them to life. Following our common sense and believing in us is the key.

SPIRITUALITY, STUDY, OPENNESS – Buddha or/and Elephant
Some of us will be attracted to use a Buddha, others will opt for an elephant with his trunk up – place this object of devotion onto an altar and during 9 consecutive days, meditate or pray each morning as we start the day – and – do so as well in the evening before we go to bed. We will be amazed of the change within and the insights that we will receive.

Relationships are pushing some of our ‘buttons’, they only appear for us to heal past emotions in order not to repeat them. All will be well because today we observe rather than react! Well done. Happiness in the moment and ahead too!🙂

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