Feng Shui: November predictions by Roseline Dilieu

november-2013-predictionsLIFE PATH, CAREER – Use your third Eye
November 2013, be quiet, listen and meditate – your third eye works preciously.
Silence speaks. Take time out for you – just for you – rest and meditate – even for just an hour a day for those of you who can’t allow more. When in silence, clear messages will come to you. You are a channel of pure energy. A strong month of “Yin” time – be still, big things are preparing in the background.

LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS – Seeking your Attention
Someone is seeking your attention and wishes to “hook” onto you. Symbolically, a little hand is waving in front of you and asking not to take things so seriously. Life is meant to be Joy and Fun. This new connection (relationship) needs to be taken that way in order to continue.

RESPECT, FAMILY, HEALTH, PAST – Sorrow turns into Strength
Your tears turn into diamonds. You process your sorrow and become stronger. You have changed your views on your sadness and the light at the end of the tunnel shines so bright that the tunnel disappears. A wonderful month filled with amazing progress in relation to Respect, Health & Past.

Create your own ritual to welcome abundance. There is no more powerful intent that the one YOU bring into life through your insights. Be an offering onto your altar, a daily prayer for 9 days or any other ritual that YOU will channel – the one YOU create will be the most powerful one. Give it a go, what do you risk?

YOU – Earth
Connect with the Earth, put your hands in the ground, do some gardening. Definitely eat lots of roots vegetables and get your inner balance back on track. Yummy veggie juices in perspective!

HELP, HELPERS, TRAVELS – A helping hand
Be grateful for all those beautiful friendships you have. Some, in the shadow, are always there for you. It is not because you don’t see those people every week that they don’t count or forget about you. Give them a call, out of the blue, just to say hello and thank you. Value who others are for you.

A productive month for new ideas and projects! For those lacking some energy with their ideas and assignments, wear an amethyst around your neck or place one on your workspace. All flows faster after mid November. Patience.

Those special times alone in silence that I mention above are very sacred. Special insights enhance sacredness. A very interesting month where you delve into your Spirituality.

Wow, your mind expands. Everything is possible. You are living the possibilities!
It is the ideal time to put ideas into action. You are confident and progress step by step backing you up safely financially.

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