Gandhi Int. Prize for Social Responsibility Launched

TIST-LOGO 3Injustice, real or perceived, we consider, is the root cause of social

unrest including violence in the society.

The significance of this award – the Mahatma Gandhi International

Prize for Social Responsibility – lies in the recognition of work done by

those individuals around the world who have dedicated their life to

cause of fostering social justice and promoting peace and

nonviolence in their day to day life.

We have dedicated this prestigious prize / award as a tribute to

Mahatma Gandhi, no doubt the greatest preacher and practitioner of

nonviolence, peace, reconciliation, social justice…

Gandhi was a social and spiritual leader of great depth and foresight.

He transformed daily, practical tasks and issues into potent symbols

that helped organize nonviolent resistance to British rule and capture

the hearts and minds of Indians and Britons alike.

Mahatma Gandhi, His example serves as a model of how a social protest movement

grounded in the cultivation of personal virtue can capture the

imagination of millions and change the world.

The inaugurating Medal has been conferred to the living apostle of

peace and social justice President Daisaku Ikeda. The Prize was

presented on 10 May in Melbourne at the fiftieth anniversary

celebration of the Soka Gakkai International.

Thereafter there will be stringent and well documented selection

process including a panel of 5 judges from the Senior Professors and

Gandhi Scholars.

Nomination and criteria for the award on 2 October 2015 will be

uploaded to the website.

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