Guftagu with Gulzar Saab; a surreal experience

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Heart and Soul Productions redefined entertainment with ‘Guftagu with Gulzar Saab’. Finally, Sydney siders got to experience something classy, educative, and more than just the run of the mill Bollywood glamour on stage. The thinking Indian populace of Sydney who were hungry for meaningful entertainment that would stimulate their thinking and give them an impetus to discern and enjoy, got to a taste of just that. Kudos to Arun Nanda and Rushi Dave for taking the bold step of bringing the legendary Gulzar Saab to Australian shores. The Guftagu was ably curated by the talented Salim Arif, one of the most exciting and popular directors on the Hindi theatre scene.

Gulzar Saab needs no introduction. He is the man who weaves magic with his words and has been doing that for over five decades with élan, style and a delicate intricacy that has become synonymous with his name. His lyrics give voice to so many unheard feelings and touch upon so many facets of our lives. From his first lyrics for the movie Bandhini (1963) to his lyrics in Mirzya (2016). Gulzar Saab has wooed the feelings and stroked the core of all music lovers. His poetry is soul touching, soul searching and at times soul searing too. No one uses words the way he does, and on 27th January 2018 the audience at the Sir John Clancy auditorium got to experience this first hand as the bard himself recited a few of his unpublished and unsung verses! He cajoled the audience with his poetic renditions and slowly carried them to the very edge of ecstasy, that they were left asking for more. It was indeed a surreal experience for all present for he is undoubtedly, the master of words. Gulzar Saab’s play of words as he weaves magic with them is mesmerising; for he does not pen words, he pens emotions.

The humility of the man and his connection with his audience is indeed amazing. It is often a misnomer that geniuses are social recluses. Gulzar is anything but that. His sharpness, his wit and his patience with his admirers is commendable. Every word he spoke and every explanation he gave had a depth of meaning that was simple and coherent. Speaking about the nuances of writing, Gulzar Saab said that similes and metaphors are not be sought from the outside to embellish a piece of writing, they must emanate from within the piece. When asked how he keeps his writing so relevant and in with the times, Gulzar Saab said that he always wrote his lyrics in tune with the script of the story and the character in play. He made it sound so simple! The people who were fortunate enough to see him, hear him and interact with him, will realise that their lives have been enriched at so many levels. Well done, Heart and Soul Productions! Having set quite a benchmark with this show, Heart and Soul Productions will be endeavouring to bring Australian shores more shows of such calibre in the future.

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