HCA commits another Faux Pas

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The Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) commits the Faux Pas again. The Hindu Council of Australia was established in September 1998 after a series of ‘Ganesha Viserjans’ since 1991 when a group of youngsters decided to form a permanent body to bring all Indians together.  One of their main aims was to build a permanent Hindu Bhavan. Now, over 20 years have passed, and this dream remains unfulfilled, though money was never a problem as every year Deepawali fair was being

organised. But the HCA has always remained in the Red.

The HCA’s real test of transparency came when the Premier’s Multicultural Economic Achievement Medals were to be presented, in last March . The HCA recommended the name of Mr. Yateender Gupta, a

 HCA recommendatation letter for Yateender Gupta

convicted financial offence criminal in the past and was jailed for two years. Ironically, the medal was instituted for achievements in Economic Services. Soon the Premier’s office discovered about this fact, it took back the medal. This was a big Faux Pas committed by the HCA. And the person who recommended the name was none other than his business partner and National Vice President of HCA, Mr. Bhagwat Chauhan. The IST is in possession of a copy of this letter. (link attached)

Mr. Bhagwat Chauhan is displaying conflict of interest. He is business partner of Gupta and he has recommended his name to the Premier’s office and that too on HCA letterhead thereby making HCA a party to his actions.

There have been attempts to promote him in the VIP circle and important events, making him the face of HCA. He is always prominently seen in the front row of all the HCA events.  The IST has several photographs to prove this.

Besides, there have been several discrepancies in the conduct of HCA activities:


  1. HCA’s President and Secretary along with OFBJP and HSSS activists were involved in organising the function to welcome Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi during his visit to Australia in 2014. The IST has information that the ANZ arena had reportedly waived the hiring charges. During the function HCA President Prof. Nihal Agar promised to dissolve IACF soon after Mr Modi returns to India but a few months later Dr. Agar and OFBJP office bearers presented themselves before Mr. Modi in New Delhi as IACF representatives. However, The IST wrote emails to HCA President Prof. Nihal Agar, HCA Secretary Mr. Sanjeev Bhakhri, Ramyavaram of HSSS and OFBJP president Mr. Balesh Dhankar, who were the face of IACF. But The IST received reply only from Yateender Gupta on behalf as accountant of IACF providing no details of the accounts saying his allegiance is towards his client. Mr. Gupta’s reply indicates the proximity of Mr. Gupta and the IACF leaders. There is no information on the funds taken from the community. Mr. Gupta is forgetting that IST was asking for account of public/community money hence, he should have answered
  2. HCA is a community organisation but it is registered as a private limited company whereas it follows a closed-door policy.
  3. The HCA basks in third party glory. It is famous for piggy backing several projects initiated by others like Free food distribution in Parramatta. This programme was started by Sai Pravastu and was pursuing his activity single handedly and spending from his own pocket. Now, he is made a Director by HCA and put its stamp on his activity.
  4. The HAIFA Day is solely a military event and a religious body like HCA has no role to play. Yet, it sneaked into this event.
  5. Parramasala is a cultural event, yet it thrust itself in to celebrate the International Women’s Day and awarded few women of the community. The awardees were allegedly a few handpicked women.

The HCA is a religious organisation and it should confine itself to religious activities without indulging in any third party activity where specialised services and trained experts are available. The HCA is making attempts to raise its market value by gate-crashing into other’s activities. Since the recommendation was on HCA letterhead, HCA  also becomes party to it. HCA should have taken  strict action against Mr. Chauhan.


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