HCA fails to hijack R-Day event at Consulate

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The 69th Republic Day was celebrated with great fanfare by all the diplomatic missions the world over. But in Sydney, it was close to be hijacked by the Hindu Council of Australia. The official national event organised by the Consulate General in Sydney, the Republic Day was soon being transformed into a religious event but for the vigil of a few present audiences.

Before the official function could commence, a gentleman ostensibly an official of the Hindu Council of Australia began putting Saffron scarves with Om symbol printed on it, around the neck of gullible audience. When people realised they protested to the acting Consul General Mr. Chandru Appar who immediately stopped him from doing so.

The offices of The IST are flooded with people’s thoughts and complaints as to how the offices of a government representative could be used for religious purposes? A few question come to mind

  1. Is the Hindu Council of Australia seeking official patronage for its religious activities?
  2. Why did the Indian Consulate in Sydney offer its official platform to the HCA in the first place?
  3. Why should HCA use official platform to propagate religion?

Perhaps the HCA believes in grabbing opportunity of canvassing about religion to maximum audience. It may be noted that office of the government representative is not the right platform and the Republic Day event was not the right occasion either. Everybody in one voice deplored the use of official platform.

The Hindu Council is a religious body with a clear cut objective to spread the religion among the masses. There is no scope for it to intrude into official Indian events. Religion shout be kept away from government activities.India has given space to all political ideologies and parties but they all are under the Indian tricolor flag. As overseas Indians also despite our political and other differences we hold high esteem for the Indian flag. R-Day being the national day should not be used to project any ideology or faith. This behavior/act should be condemned.

It would have been more appropriate if the HCA team was holding Indian Tricolour instead of Saffron scarves. That’s what the occasion demanded.

HCA should note that Nation comes before religion.

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