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     by Roseline Deleu, Feng Shui master & author


The flow of the energy in your business needs to be different than in your house. We are at work to enjoy what we do, while we are also manifesting our Abundance. At work, we will aim to create an environment where Chi (energy) is more Yang (active) than at home.


Movement creates Action


Apply the magic square grid (Fig. 1) onto your work or office plan aligning the 8-1-6 side of it with the main entry of your premises.  Divide the floor space into 9 equal parts. The sector ‘6’ symbolises ‘Helpful People, Clients, Travels and Movement’, this is the area of your premises where you will add movement.








Well Being




























Helpful people



Fig 1 – align this side (8-1-6) with your entry, divide your plan into 9 equal parts.


Then, follow these steps:

1.       Look at the sector 6 of your premises with new eyes and ask yourself how do you feel? The cleanest the place, the more welcoming it will be. The lighter the room, the more Yang and active the energy (Chi) will be.

2.       De-clutter all the items that you hardly ever use, dust and clean with the intent of bringing new energy in this space.

3.       Change the frames and décor and add a picture of something with a symbol of quantities. I give you some example to inspire you and put your on the right track: a poster of a group people walking towards you, a picture with lots of pebbles, a close-up of coffee beans, a collection of buttons etc…

4.       If you cannot hang anything on the wall, display a nice transparent vase filled with lots of coloured marbles or pebbles.

5.       Open the curtains or blinds daily welcoming the day light into the room and keep in mind your intent of welcoming new clients, helpers and helpful people.

6.       Hang in the window a round and faceted crystal ball for maximum 9 days.

7.       After the 9 days, wash the crystal ball, thank it and put it away. Instead hang a little mobile or a feature that is light enough to show you the movement (for example a butterfly, a feather, a wind chime, a dream catcher etc.)

8.       Enjoy your Feng Shui experience and email me a few lines with your results.

For those of you who have an excess of ‘Wood’ in sector 6 (for example: floorboards and green walls and picture of forest or plants) or ‘Fire’ (for example reds: triangles, plastic or leather furniture) you will feel that you when you are working there you feel drained.  If so, add the Earth Element with China or Ceramics adding some earthy tones and a picture of a heavy Rock or Earth instead of the forest.

For those in a shop environment and who only have ‘one room’ to place the grid, hang two mirrors facing each other: one on the wall in sector 8 and one in sector 6. These will create the impression of infinity and when a client walks in, its reflection creates a double movement and unconsciously generates the idea that he is not entering alone that there are more people, so that your business is successful.

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