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Sydney 05, 2018

How many types of sarees (Indian wrap around) are there? This fact is told not by a fashion designer but a poet. Mrs. Rekha Dwivedi, a noted poetess from India, through her poem revealed about different types of sarees and different ways it could be used  in a poetry session, organised by the Consulate of India in Sydney and Indian Literary and Arts Society of Australia (ILASA) on Friday last.

Altogether 13 poets from Sydney, Melbourne and India participated in the Kavi Goshthi (poetry session) after observing a minute’s silence for a local poet and singer Riaz Shah who had passed away just a day before. The 13 poets who recited their poems on various topics include, Manish Rana, Jasbir Ahluwalia, Jyotsna Talwar, Prageet & Bhawna Kunwar, Vijay Kumar Singh, Harihar Jha, Dr Rekha Dwivedi, Anil Sharma, Dr Prabhat Sinha, Kuldeep Josal, Anu Shivaram, and Rekha Rajvanshi.

Whereas the poets touched upon various aspects of life and relationships, Dr. Prabhat Sinha stood out invoking patriotism fervour among the audience. He recited about the happenings in Kashmir and the anger was implicit in his words. Kuldeep Joshal narrated a hilarious incident during a Ramlila performance when the main actor fell sick and a Sikh replaced him. He was to deliver his lines when he forgot the lines and said Sat sri akal instead of pranam and actor who was playing Sita was also a Sikh, replied ‘Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh,’  sending audience into peals of laughter. Kuldeep admitted later that he was quoting another poet Hari Singh Dilbar. 

Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia trying to overcome the shock of Riaz Shah’s demise shared a few lines from his play “Faasle” that were rendered by Riaz, “Sache pyaar ke sahare jee lenge, zindagi ke gam pee lenge, faasle dilan de mitaa dein to phir uss rabb to ki lavan ge.”

Harihar Jha from Melbourne was unsure whether to recite philosophical poem or on comedy and decided on comedy poem on wife and husband ‘take care’ dialogue when leaving for parents house (maika). Anil Sharma from Agra recited about women and stubbornness (Zid). In life woman undergoes so much of hardships and successes. A Woman gets and should get the credit for everything. Rekha Rajvanshi recited four liners poetry and a ghazal to conclude the event.

It was an enjoyable evening with Harmohan Walia clicking away poignant moods of the audience. Rekha Rajvanshi thanked Consul S. K. Verma for taking initiative to organise the event and distributed certificates of appreciation to the poets. She also thanked the Consulate staff for their support and snacks

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