Minister, it’s a joke!

Sydney, 10 October, 2017 (The IST News Network)

The IST has come across a flyer of Lions Club of Sydney Indian that claims that the Hon Minister, Ray Williams, is hosting their event at NSW Parliament on 11 October, 2017. The event will include “cultural presentations, commendations, networking drinks, and nibbles.” It will also include “health check up.”

Many are wondering about the purpose and necessity for organizing “health check up” in NSW Parliament, particularly when all people have to do for a health check up is to visit their GP in their own suburb. “Health Check up” in NSW Parliament sounds like a stunt.

It is known that a room or a Function Centre in the Parliament for community events can only be booked by an MP or an MLC.  Booking an event doesn’t necessarily mean that the relevant MP or MLC becomes a host of the event. That MP or the minister obviously can become a distinguished guest or a chief guest.  If a Minister is the “host” of the event, the event becomes a Government event and there would be NSW Government’s official Logo in the flyer. There is no NSW Government Logo in this Flyer.

There are some major issues with the way this event is being marketed.  One of the issues is whether the relevant minister is in fact hosting the event. There are doubts about it. If the minister is indeed hosting it, when did a Government minister start hosting a networking event for unrelated to the Government business and health check up in the Parliament? Writing the word “hosted by the minister”, there is a possibility that the Event organisers are being sneaky and are employing false advertising with the purpose to obtain sponsorship from businesses. Events hosted by the Government Ministers generally don’t seek sponsorship from Real Estate agents, home loans vendors and legal firms. There is an issue of reputational damage to the NSW Government with this particular flyer.

Flyers of the events, which are attended by Government Ministers, are generally vetted by their offices for the manner in which they are presented in the flyer. Did this happen with the office of the  Minister named in the Flyer is another pertinent question.

There is a concern in the community about the language in the Flyer. It would be pertinent for the office of the Minister to review the flyer and take prompt remedial action to avoid any harm to his office and the Government.




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