Mixed reaction to ‘ban on Pak artists’ decision on the twitter

Reports received by The Indian Sub-continent Times clearly point out that there is a petition doing rounds in the US asking the US govt to declare Pakistan a terrorist country. The petitions has been signed by over 100,000 people and if this is circulated in India at least a crore people will sign the petition and President Obama and US Congress will be forced to answer. The petition is available on www.us.gov
But the whole country is angry with the intermittent incursions and killings of soldiers and members of general Public. And, hail the surgical strike by the Indian Army to prevent terrorist from entering India.
Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) decision to ban Pakistani actors has created sharp reactions among the Indian actors and public at large. The decision comes in the wake of Indian Army’s action to carry out ‘surgical strikes’ against Pak terrorists ‘ready to sneak into Indian side of LOC.
Though some actors have hailed the decision but others question the action against Pak actors. Taking the lead is Indian actor Salman Khan, who in his press conference ‘ lauded’ the surgical strike and said “there is a difference between terrorists and actors. Actors may not be terrorists. There is difference between a terrorist and an actor. Pak actors come here with valid visa. The ban is uncalled for. Asked about surgical strikes, he said we have tried all peaceful means and this was the ideal situation.”
Besides, Twitter is replete with reactions to this statement and the decision to ban the Pak artists. Film maker Anurag Kashyap in support to this reacted by saying, “If you want to send Fawad back, send him. But what will be your next 5 steps? Will any problem be solved?
Times Now tweeted “Unhappy with IMPPA decision to ban Pak artists, a member Rahul Aggarwal resigns, says art is above all.”
However, politician Raj Thackeray, in his interview to Times now blasted Salman Khan for backing Pakistani artists. Another tweet by Ashok Pandit another fil maker, reacting sharply to the support tweeted,” The day terrorist knocks up your door an soldiers remain silent, then we will see your answer.”
Saira Shah Halim, writer and activist tweeted, “They (Pak artists) come here to make money. They are not here to do social service.” Shahrukh Khan in his tweet thanked Indian Army for the action against terrorism. We should all pray for the safety and well being of our Indian soldiers.
Adnan Sami, former Pak artist and now Indian national in his tweet said, “Big congratulations to @ PMO and our brave Armed forces for a brilliant successful & mature strategic strike against terrorism.” In another tweet Sami said Pakistanis are outraged by my earlier tweet. Their outburst clearly means they see Terrorists & Pakistan as the same.
Another twiterati Tufail Ahmed said, “Artists are not terrorists but artists can be supporters of terrorism – much like journalists and lawyers and PM Sharif support Yakub and Wani.”
On a different note, Juhi Chawla, another mega star,tweeted, from her personal experience when her father was fighting with Pakistan army but felt war was the last resort. He would have supported attack on terror camps in Pakistan. He would have no truck with exultation of ‘teaching a lesson or lets go to war and show them their place. Juhi exhorted people to experience it first hand or have your children out there on the front. Because, somebody’s children are going to die out there.

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