New star Sachin Chhabra ‘Rallying’ to stardom

A week before the release of his debut film, actor Sachin Chhabra speaks to Sanghmitra Kumar about the film – The Rally set to hit the cinemas on 8th September, 2017.



The IST:  Sachin, Thank you so much for taking some time out for us, from your busy schedule. I’m sure the film promotions are going on full swing. Many congratulations for The Rally! This is your debut film, so tell us about your role?

Sachin:   Thank you so much. My character is a garage owner called “Pappi:.  Pappi and Paploo (Mirza) are childhood friends. They both have grown up watching The Himalayan Rally on the streets of Manali and in the surrounding areas and it’s their dream to participate in it. Though Paploo is focused on winning a race, Pappi is practical. He knows its not going to be an easy task, as there are a lot of obstacles. Pappi is in a Live-in relationship with Naina (Shezali Sharma). In any Rally there’s a driver and a navigator and so I am the navigator.

The IST:  What is the film about? What should the audience expect from this film?

Sachin:   The film is about the focus in life – the fact that if you focus on what you want to achieve in life, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you. This film is a complete entertainer and has a bit of everything – from action to romance, thrills to chills! The audience would love the actual racing part as it’s quite thrilling and then there’s love and friendship and great chemistry with the four main protagonists which I feel is realistic and relatable.

The IST:  How did you bag this role?

Sachin:  I had a meeting with the director, Deepak N Anand and after a few minutes of conversation he told me “I got my Pappi”.

The IST:                Wow! Well done! Did you have to undergo any special training to play this role?

Sachin:  Since the movie is about The Himalayan Rally Racing, we did undergo training by the actual rally drivers on the basic nuances and the technical language of a navigator.

The IST:  We have a lot of talented young actors who would like to give Mumbai a chance, what advice would you give to those aspirants?

Sachin:  I always believe that if you don’t know how to swim – you will drown. The same goes for acting as well – people may think that there’s nothing to acting or that it’s easy but when you have to face the camera or face the audience on a stage, that’s where the reality hits. So it’s always better to prepare yourself with a good acting course, at least to get you familiar with the concept of acting. Don’t jump directly in to it.

I can say this because I made the same mistake! Hence, I got myself enrolled in to one of Mumbai’s best acting schools “Kreating Characters” and now here I am!

The IST:   What kind of roles would you like to play in the future? Do you have any preference of a particular genre and/or director?

Sachin:  As an actor I don’t want to restrict myself to certain genres or characters and would like to experiment with all kinds of genres. But yes, had I not been an actor, I would’ve been a cricketer so I would love to do a film like “M.S. Dhoni”

The IST:    So tell us when does the film release? And anything else you would like to say to your audience?

Sachin:   The film releases on the 8th of September in India. It is a family entertainer so hope everyone will like it!

The IST:  Thank you very much for your time and wishing you all the very best for the future.

Sachin:  Thank you so much!





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