OFBJP Australia Convenor Rahul Jethi sacked

Sydney, 7th May, 2016

Following a report in The Indian Sub-continent Times regarding OFBJP Top official attending a welcome dinner in honour of Pakistan ISI Ex-chief, OFBJP has sacked its Australian branch’s convenor Rahul Jethi on 6th May, 2016.  In its press release (see below), it said that Jethi was instructed to resign from OFBJP and has been relieved of all responsibilities with immediate effect.


OFBJP Australia denies any representation in the lunch-meeting with ex-ISI official

OFBJP Australia would like to clarify that there has been no official representation of the organisation at this lunch in any capacity.

In wake of anguish expressed by OFBJP Australia members and Indian Diaspora in general, about the ethical relevance of an OFBJP’s official attending this lunch, even in his personal capacity, organisation has instructed Mr Jethi to resign from OFBJP.

Accordingly he has been relieved from all formal responsibilities, effective immediately.

OFBJP Australia and the volunteers involved herein, express their sincere regret and apologies for the hurt that this incident may have caused.

We appreciate Mr Jethi’s contributions and dedication for the community and wish him luck for his future endeavors.

The report  http://www.theistimes.com/will-oz-pakistan-community-members-dine-with-raw-officials/,  and also a Pakistani online paper in Sydney  http://www.sadaewatansydney.com/gensb.htm published about this dinner, there was a significant concern and protest about OFBJP Australia’s top official attending a welcome dinner for ISI’s former chief organised by Ejaz Khan at Billu’s Eatery in Harris Park, Western Sydney on 21st January 2016. OFBJP Global chief, Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale responded to Rahul Jethi’s attendance in this dinner in strong words. He tweeted “@ @ we are fully aware of the incident. Pl have some patience. I have already deplored Rahul Jethi going to the meeting.”

It must be mentioned that OFBJP Australia had no idea or inkling about this dinner until it was published in thisarrow newspaper. When a Sydney sider, Ravi Krishnan, posted a comment on his Facebook wall, OFBJP Australia denied it ever happening and threatened legal action. Not to be bullied, Ravi responded back effectively. This newspaper has been contacted by several people from all over Australia with their concerns about Indians having dinner with ISI ex-Chief. They were incensed that OFBJP Australia’s top official, Rahul Jethi, too attended the dinner. (In pic right arrow marked) OFBJP Australia press release is using spin-doctoring by saying “OFBJP Australia denies any representation” because Rahul Jethi was the convener of OFBJP Australia at that time and it does not matter whether he attended the dinner officially or in his personal capacity. Even now, he is listed in OFBJP Australia website as its founder member. This press release was also not posted on the timeline of Dr. Vijay Chathiwala in full and only posted  OFBJP’s denial.


Executive Committee

Executive Committee
Title Name Email
President Balesh Singh Dhankhar balesh.singh@ofbjp.org.au
General Secretary Prakhar Shrivastav prakhar.shrivastav@ofbjp.org.au
Treasurer Chirag Trivedi chirag.trivedi@ofbjp.org.au
Public Relations Sagar Raghvendra sagar.raghvendra@ofbjp.org.au
Founding Members
Title Name Email
Founding Member Rahul Jethi rahul.jethi@ofbjp.org.au
Founding Member Balesh Singh Dhankhar balesh.singh@ofbjp.org.au
Founding Member Pururaj Rathore pururaj.rathore@ofbjp.org.au
Founding Member Kushagra Bhatnagar kushagra.bhatnagar@ofbjp.org.au
Founding Member Vinay Kumar
Founding Member Sumeet Luthra
Founding Member Nihal Agar
Founding Member Brijpal Singh
Founding Member Ashwin Bora
Founding Member Vijeth Shetty
Founding Member Jaydeep Makwana

The IS Times will like a response from OFBJP Australia’s Balesh Singh Dhankhar whether;

  1. Rahul Jethi is still a part of OFBJP Australia as is mentioned in its website or has been removed from the group as mentioned in its press release “instructed Mr Jethi to resign from OFBJP.”?
  2. Why did OFBJP Australia do nothing for more than 3 months after this dinner while Indians were fuming about it and informing people who are in OFBJP Australia group and Hindu Council?
  3. Why is this press release not on the Facebook wall of OFBJP Australia, when that wall contains posts relevant to all over the world?
  4. Why was I and other Indian media people in Australia not sent a copy of this press release?
  5. Can OFBJP Australia inform this newspaper about the “contributions and dedication” of Mr Jethi as is mentioned in its press release?
  6. Does lack of action by OFBJP Australia mean that it is oblivious of activities in the community and have very poor networking in the community thus raising question about its leadership?
  7. Is OFBJP Australia  so uninformed and disconnected with the Indian Australian community that it still keeps calling this dinner as a “Lunch” event?

Ashok Kumar

Editor, The Indian Subcontinent Times

Sydney, NSW

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