OFBJP Australia should shoot the message, not the messenger

After this paper published the report ( http://tinyurl.com/j9tqwfp ) of an undischarged bankrupt holding the President’s position in OFBJP Australia’s Victoria branch, giving full evidence, it was expected from OFBJP Australia leadership to act on the report. OFBJP Australia President as well as OFBJP global head, Vijay M Chauthaiwale, were informed about this article via Twitter. Instead of doing what was expected, OFBJP Australia President, Balesh Singh Dhankar, elected to revert to his usual bluff of calling us “so-called” journalist, and threatening legal action. He also alluded to our so-called and non-existent anti-OFBJP Australia agenda. None of this is true. I am a trained journalist and have worked with Hindustan Times for 16 years and do not have any agenda against OFBJP. I am not a fan or member of any political party or grouping.

Mr Balesh Singh Dhankar’s press release is posted below. bal

The IS Times stands by its report and its contents. Its contents are neither false nor malicious nor defamatory. They are factual. OFBJP Australia Victoria President, Kushagra Bhatnagar, is indeed listed as an undischarged bankrupt. The article in this paper was guided by our desire to publish reports which have relevance to our community. This paper has been contacted by quite many members of Indian Australian community from various states, expressing their disgust and disapproval with what is happening inside OFBJP Australia. They were equally concerned with the inadequacy of supervisory role of OFBJP global head, Mr Chauthaiwale, who has done nothing despite being made aware about this matter and the inappropriateness of Bhatnagar’s position. Community members felt that Dhankar and Bhatnagar are the ones who are tarnishing the name and image of OFBJP in particular and BJP in general. Dhankar should advise us about what is factually incorrect in this paper’s article on Bhatnagar, if he thinks that there is any mistake in the report.

This paper is aware of some community members willing to write to various regulatory authorities in Australia, questioning Bhatnagar’s position in an organisation which is registered in Australia. Many BJP-supporting community members are either leaving OFBJP or staying away from it solely due to Dhankar and his self-serving style of work.

These members and this paper feel that Dhankar should stop his non-productive habit of blaming others for his short-comings and lack of leadership while he is incapable of dealing with a matter to enhance the image of the organisation which he heads. They believe that Dhankar’s mantra, if he wants to serve OFBJP/BJP, should be “shoot the message, not the messenger”.

Ashok Kumar

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