OFBJP please note: Nation comes before BJP

Lt. Gen AAK Niazi signs the instrument of surrender while Lt. Gen Aurora looks on:- File photo

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December 19, 2017

The Indian Sub-continent Times has come across a pamphlet by OFBJP, Australia declaring BJP’s Gujarat election victory as “Vijay Diwas” and the win as a landslide victory. You can make history but can not alter it or the facts. The nation knows only one “Vijay Diwas” and that was when Indian soldiers on 16 December, 1971 gained surrender by Pakistan Army and secured the borders of the country.

By dismembering East Pakistan from West Pakistan, the war created a new nation, Bangladesh. This slogan amounts to putting party before the nation and an insult to our Armed Forces. The celebration can not be stopped but the OFBJP should not forget the sacrifices of the Armed Forces in 1971 war even though the success was achieved by a different political party but nation comes first.

“Vijay Diwas” is commemorated every 16th December in India as it marks its military victory Pakistan in 1971 during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, in alliance with Mukti Bahini of now Bangladesh. The end of the war also resulted in unilateral and unconditional surrender of the Pakistan army led by Lt. Gen. AAK Niazi and subsequent cessation East Pakistan into Bangladesh.

BJP, by eulogising its victory, forgot the sacrifices made by our security forces. Even this Gujarat victory was not a landslide as the pamphlet says. But, actually it’s a victory of the Congress that  after all the rebukes it suffered, gained a moral victory or close to winning the election. It is, in fact, a slap on BJP or Mr. Modi’s face.  Though BJP won the election but a village to which Mr. Modi belongs didn’t go the BJP way.

We spoke to Mr. Malwinder Pandher of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) about this and he preferred not to indulge in any kind of politics but made one point clear that some people have got power but don’t know how to rule and the groups like Shiv Sena, RSS and Bajrang Dal will one day kill every one and each other.

Mr. Manoj Sheoran of the Congress Party branch in Australia said the BJP has not only insulted Indian soldiers but also the whole nation by using “Vijay Diwas” as the name for their recent electoral win in state elections. As we all know, Vijay Diwas is commemoratated each year on 16th December as it marks the military victory of India over Pakistan in 1971 war. In this war, Indian army made Pakistan army to surrender unilaterally and unconditionally and subsequently Pakistan was split and Bangladesh was created. This was done under the decisive and bold leadership of Mrs Indira Gandhi and she was then named Iron lady of India. BJPs ex-Prime Minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajapee also showered praise on her leadership and named her “Durga – the destroyer”.

BJP had, in past, also used the same name for their state and national electoral wins celebrations and those events had been attended by their senior leaders, including president Amit Shah., BJP has from time to time shown their ignorance, arrogance and disrespect to events and leaders of national significance. Vijay Diwas is a historical day in Indian history and very proud day for Indian army and every citizen of India. The whole nation pays homage on this day to its brave soldiers and remember their sacrifice. BJP has degraded the spirit of this day and brought a new low in the public discourse. This is again a part of the larger conspiracy going in India led by Modiji and RSS to alter the history of India and discredit everyone who has served & sacrificed his life for the country. We condemn this act of naming “Vijay Diwas” as their electoral celebrations and request them to change the name of their celebration for the sake of dignity of Indian Army and their sacrifice and apologise to them for their action.

Mr. Ajay Khanna, a prominent member of the community, while appreciating the victory, said,” Prime Ministers come and go but we cannot put the party above the nation. The Vijay Diwas is commemorated every 16th December in India and the whole nation celebrates victory over Pakistan. Kissi Political party ki jeet rashtra ki jeet se badi nahin hai (No political party victory is above nation’s victory).  I am not interested to be part of this celebration because I can’t compromise with my patriotism”.

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