Parramasala: Keep culture IN, religion OUT


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Parramasala ( 9-11 March, 2018) at Parramatta is a great event of culture and entertainment. IT is the eighth year which will take place in the heart of Western Sydney. Its slogan “many cultures. One Sydney.” symbolises the great extravaganza.

Its programme is great and varied. The IST has become aware about an element of incongruity, however. This is about Hindu Council doing a womens event as part of Parramasala activity in association with Parramasala.  HCA is a religious group, not a group or entity representing any specific culture.

When the world needs less of religions and more of the secularism, Parramasala’s association with HCA is jarring and odd.

Giving a religious colour to each and every event is not acceptable in Parramasala activities. This may not be acceptable to groups from Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsis and so on. Any one religion should not be given preference over the other in terms of representation in events within Parramasala.

There are many of expert women organisations who have ably conducted several such events in the past. They would obviously be better partners for such activities in Parramasala.

Parramasala which is jointly owned by Multicultural NSW and City of Parramatta Council, should stay secular not only in thoughts but also in action. It is incumbent on the owners of Parramasala to not look to be favouring any particular religion within a hugely successful Multicultural NSW



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