Remembering Kishore’da on his 89th birth anniversary musical night

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Sydney August 6, 2018

Kishore Kumar was born on Aug 4, 1929 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. On his 89th birth anniversary, Ajoy Ghosh and his Kishore lovers organised an evening of Kishore songs rendered by Ghosh and his group including, Madan Lepcha, Sanjay, Naseer.

Though not all his favorites were sung but a select and knowledgeable audience was enthralled with memories of the great singer. The evening started with a minute’s silence in memory of another popular Sydney singer Riaz Shah who was also to take part in this concert. The Kishore mood was set with the rendering of ‘ye shaam mastani’ from Kati patang by Madan, who originally used to sing Rafi songs in company of Riaz bhai. Madan has good voice that suits both Rafi and Kishore songs. Kishore’da as he was popularly called sang for Rajesh Khanna and made him a super star. Similarly, Amitabh also owes his stardom to Kishore’da who gave his voice in 130 songs in 60 films.

It was a Kishore Kumar event, but Madan chipped in with Rafi songs as a tribute to Riaz Shah who passed away just three days ago. Then there was a flurry of Rafi songs from Shammi era. Once there was a debate in a film magazine about who is a better singer Kishore or Rafi. Kishore wrote back in the magazine “I couldn’t have sung ‘Madhuban mein Radhika naache re’. Rafi saab is certainly great singer”. That quelled the debate. Such was greatness of Kishore’da.

Kishore and Shammi were good friends but Kishore’da never sang for Shammi except in one song ‘saat saheliyan’ from ‘Vidhata’ at the fag end of his career and this regret Shammi always had. What we would have experienced if Kishore’da had lent his voice to Shammi Ji.

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