Sydney Indians’ no to diplomats’ bid to “Divide and rule,” show “Indians are one”

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

By Our Community Reporter

Several community organisations and forums falling in line to join Hindu Council of Australia led ICAF to welcome the visiting Indian Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi to Australia notwithstanding, the Indian community remains divided thanks to the designs of the High Commissioner of India in Australia and the Consul General of India in Sydney. Mr. Modi is the first Prime Minister of India coming to Australia after Mr. Rajiv Gandhi in 1986.

There was a lot of discontentment among the various members of the community in Sydney and a newspaper had written vitriolic piece against the High Commissioner and in particular the Consul General. By choosing Hindu Council and a few selected members of OFBJP the Diplomats have displayed the policy used by the British “Divide and Rule.” There is no doubt about it that the Community Associations first began to be in an agitated mood but like true Indians rallied behind the cause and overlooked the “designs” of the Diplomats.

No wonder, the Diplomats chose not to reply to this paper’s e mails asking them to clear the air.

An active member of the community Mr. Chidanand Puttaravena commented on his Face Book page “Mr. Modi is representing as prime minister of India not for Hindus. He is representing all region and sects. Indian HC as handpicked only few guys and has neglected whole Indian community.


In this regards I oppose the stands of Indian high commission playing dirty politics, playing with emotions of Indian origin.


Being a proud Hindu, I would expect this event to be an Indian Event rather than religious or political event. To make this event grand success guys take the lead example from New York event which was organised under umbrella of Indian community and Indian associations.”


OFBJP south pacific convenor Sanjay Patel when approached declined to comment and said “oh come on, now everything has been sorted out let’s move ahead.” Though, he has been quoted in that newspaper as very agitated over the decision of the Diplomats.


An e mail sent to Mr. Susai Benjamin, Labor candidate from Seven Hills, by this paper and he came out with a fantastic remark, ” From my observations it seems that one of the difficulties faced by the representatives of GOI is the complexities of the many organisations claiming to be representing Indian-Australians.

Our divisions do not appear to help us.


Looking into the future, there should be a united front of the organisations representing Indian-Australians. Perhaps there should be some criteria which these organisations need to pass before their legitimacy and credibility is established.”


E mails were sent to various members of community organisations. It seems they had sooner decided to follow other member organisations in joining the body led by the Hindu council of Australia and OFBJP. Not only this, they have also been announcing the code sent by the Hindu Council- led body.

Mr. Dev Tripathi of the Hindi Samaaj in his e mail said,” Hindi Samaaj, Sydney, has applied to be a Reception Partner for Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi visit to Australia. Hindi Sammaj will distribute free passes to its members and associates, in the meantime please sign up for this free event. We look forward to working closely with you in the next few weeks to make the November 17th Community Reception for the Prime Minister of India a grand success in Sydney.”

These steps notwithstanding, the people in the community are not coming out openly against the composition of the body formed by the High Commission, but certainly there is an undercurrent of resentment against the rulers.
It may be noted that for the first time, in the history of Indian culture and traditions, the Indian community is united despite the efforts by the Diplomats to “divide” them over sectarian politics. It may be the indication to the Australian public that “India is one and Indians are one.”




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