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Why insolvent Kushagra Bhatnagar can’t hold OFBJP position

Sydney, 14 October, 2016 By Ashok Kumar After I was subjected to a relentless and organised attack by OFBJP Australia with active, motivated and shameless, encouragement by OFBJP global head, Vijay Chauthaiwale over the last 2 days, I have received a lot of support from people in Australia who are strong supporters of BJP and […]

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OFBJP Australia should shoot the message, not the messenger

After this paper published the report ( http://tinyurl.com/j9tqwfp ) of an undischarged bankrupt holding the President’s position in OFBJP Australia’s Victoria branch, giving full evidence, it was expected from OFBJP Australia leadership to act on the report. OFBJP Australia President as well as OFBJP global head, Vijay M Chauthaiwale, were informed about this article via […]

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BJP man among guests at dinner for Ex- ISI Chief

By Our Staff Correspondent Former Chief of Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was welcomed and had dinner with Pakistani and Indian community members in Sydney. In the third week of January 2016, invitations were sent out by a member of Pakistani community, based in Western Sydney, to welcome and have dinner with former Director […]

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Euphoria over Modi, adoration or by design?

By Ashok Kumar Was the euphoria over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Australia a natural public adoration or by design?  Riding high on his meteoric rise in politics, Mr.  Modi is the first Prime Minister in the Indian history to have “pulled” large crowds whichever country he has visited. In comparison, Mr. Atal Behari […]

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Modi’s landslide: The powerhouse that changed campaigning in India

By Sruthijith KK SANAND, India—On 15 May, just 24 hours before the historic counting day that confirmed Narendra Modi’s victory, a group of young men and women gathered at an upscale resort here in Sanand, some 60 km from Ahmedabad. +They wore smart casuals and carried iPhones and looked like they were at a corporate offsite In reality, […]

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With Modi’s landslide victory a new era dawns in India

 Dr. Yadu Singh writes in his blog www.yadusingh.wordpress.com Indian channels and newspapers are beaming the results of Indian elections. With the trends available at 3PM Sydney time, it is clear that National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will form the next Govt. Mr Narendra Modi of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), the biggest constituent of NDA, will be India’s […]

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India Votes: Mandate for Modi, nightmare for Congress, AAP learning to fly

 By Ashok Kumar: So, the Bharatiya Janata Party has got the mandate that even it had not dreamt of. And, the mighty Congress is struggling to save itself a status of Opposition.  The BJP is eyeing 283 seats, a clear cut majority of its own. The biggest casualty is not Congress, as the results are […]

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Former Karnataka CM Jagadish Shettar meets and interacts with Sydney Indians

By A Correspondent: On Wednesday, 30 April, 2014, members of Sydney’s Indian community, particularly from Karnataka, met and interacted with former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Jagadish Shettar, at the home of Hemanth Raju in Glenfield, NSW. Hemanth is the current President of Basava Samithi, Sydney. Mr Shettar was in Australia to take part in “6th International […]

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AAP onslaught breaches BJP in virtual world

By Neeraj Nanda: The Indian Diaspora has been taking a keen interest in the Indian elections 2014. A glance at NRI websites and social media reveals how strongly NRIs are glued to the mother country. Election related news is prominent and no dearth of analysis. Debates have been raging over issues of development, corruption, women’s rights, farmer […]

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