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Murdoch calls 457 as disgraceful, racist

Global media baron Rupert Murdochon Tuesday accused the government of his native Australia of “disgraceful and racist” language over a crackdown on visas for skilled migrants, report agencies. The Australian-born News Corporation chief condemned the centre-left Labor government’s rhetoric about the tightening of the 457-class skilled visa programme amid claims of abuse by employers and disadvantage […]

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MESSAGE FROM PRIME MINISTER JULIA GILLARD It is with great pleasure that I send my best wishes to everyone celebrating this year’s Holi festival. Holi is an enjoyable, fun-filled occasion for Hindus everywhere. Traditionally a celebration of changing seasons, this festival marked the transition from the cold, dark days of Winter to the warmth, colour […]

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Abbot vision for secure borders, cohesive society

As well as an occasion to reflect on the valour and self-sacrifice of Australia’s military personnel, Anzac Day, which we commemorated this past week, should also be a reminder of the role that our country has played in the wider world. Australia is an influential middle power and, whether we quite appreciate it or not, […]

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Gillard Govt offers new skills training, HECS

The Gillard Government today unveiled its formal offer to the states and territories to turbo-charge skills training and help more Australians get the jobs they want. The offer, which will be taken to next month’s COAG meeting, will aim to make sure around an additional 375,000 students complete qualifications over the next five years. Under […]

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Multicultural Media Roundtable soon, says Julia Gillard

        Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced at the May 11, 2011 budget briefingfor Multicultural media that the government plans to create a Multicultural media Round Table to get a feedback on various government advertising policies.   As a first step, after the presentation of the Federal Budget Julia Gillard said,” this Prime Minister […]

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