Bankrupt OFBJP leader Kushagra Bhatnagar promoted or demoted?

By Ashok Kumar December 10, 2016 The IS Times has received some communications from Victoria about Mr Kushagra Bhatnagar being appointed as a member of “Political Advisor Group” of OFBJP Australia by Balesh Singh Dhankar (http://www.ofbjp.org.au/modified-india-at-mid-term/) in November 2016.  Bhatnagar was appointed as Victoria head of OFBJP in May, 2016.  Prior to that he was OFBJP Head of […]

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Why High Commission of India and Consulates in Australia should refain from being selective when inviting operatives linked with Indian political parties

Editorial:   Sydney, NSW, 16 November, 2016 The IS Times has been contacted by many Indians living in Australia with their concerns in regards to high profile invitations which High Commission of India (HCI) and Consulates seem to be extending to operatives linked with some political parties of India.  It also appears that this favour is limited to […]

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OFBJP Australia should shoot the message, not the messenger

After this paper published the report ( http://tinyurl.com/j9tqwfp ) of an undischarged bankrupt holding the President’s position in OFBJP Australia’s Victoria branch, giving full evidence, it was expected from OFBJP Australia leadership to act on the report. OFBJP Australia President as well as OFBJP global head, Vijay M Chauthaiwale, were informed about this article via […]

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BJP man among guests at dinner for Ex- ISI Chief

By Our Staff Correspondent Former Chief of Pakistan’s spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was welcomed and had dinner with Pakistani and Indian community members in Sydney. In the third week of January 2016, invitations were sent out by a member of Pakistani community, based in Western Sydney, to welcome and have dinner with former Director […]

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Euphoria over Modi, adoration or by design?

By Ashok Kumar Was the euphoria over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Australia a natural public adoration or by design?  Riding high on his meteoric rise in politics, Mr.  Modi is the first Prime Minister in the Indian history to have “pulled” large crowds whichever country he has visited. In comparison, Mr. Atal Behari […]

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Sydney Indians’ no to diplomats’ bid to “Divide and rule,” show “Indians are one”

By Our Community Reporter Several community organisations and forums falling in line to join Hindu Council of Australia led ICAF to welcome the visiting Indian Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi to Australia notwithstanding, the Indian community remains divided thanks to the designs of the High Commissioner of India in Australia and the Consul General of […]

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