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Nagpur bosses tighten the screws on BJP

By Pradyot Lal, Tahelka.com ••• Until about a year ago, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) used to depute one person to interact with its political offspring, the BJP, and oversee its day-to-day functioning. This standard practice has been gradually transformed in recent months. Suresh Soni, who has been in charge of liaising with the BJP for […]

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The Romantic Outsider

By Pradyot Lal: He was the quintessential outsider who made sheer craft a matter of distinctive style. Guru Dutt Padukone (1925-1964) is one of the most abiding icons of our cinema, largely because there was rare beauty and grace in almost each frame that he has left behind, frames and compositions fresh with the dead […]

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NGO Funding: It Is the Pot calling the Kettle Black

By Pradyot Lal: It is a theme on which both the naysayers and proponents of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are guilty of overstating their case; not all NGOs are neo-liberal Trojan horses furthering a subversive agenda, while the number of actual good samaritans working for change is also not particularly very high. Objectively speaking, the issue is far […]

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Begum Akhtar, when she acted in films

By Pradyot Lal: After the advent of talkie era in India, Begum Akhtar( Akhtari Bai Faizabadi) acted in a few Hindi movies in thirties. East India Film Company of Calcutta approached her to act in ‘King for a Day’ and ‘Nal Damayanti’ in 1933. Like others of that era, she sang her songs herself in all […]

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When Dev, Waheeda came together to create magic in Kala Bazaar

By Pradyot Lal: “Kala Bazar” (1960) remains the only film in which the three brothers – Chetan, Dev and Vijay Anand – starred together. A social tirade against black marketing and corruption, “Kala Bazar” was far ahead of its times in sheer cinematic value…s. Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman come together to create magic in this […]

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