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“Hanuman” Beer withdrawn after protests in Colorado

Odd13 Brewing, Inc., of Lafayette (Colorado, USA) reportedly withdrew “Hanuman” beer within hours of the first Hindu protest. On the brewery’s website, all the references to Hanuman have been removed. Single Hop IPA seems to have taken the place on the website where “Hanuman” beer once existed. Single Hop Australian Summer shows up where once […]

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South Africa to host World Hindu Economic Forum 2014

 “World Hindu Economic Forum 2014” will be held in Durban on July 19-20. Four hundred delegates from all over the world representing various sectors of industry and business are expected to attend this Forum, whose primary theme is “Making Africa Prosperous”. Various topics to be discussed at this Forum include business networking, business strategy, Hindu […]

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Primary School kids enact “Hindu Wedding”

Portishead Primary School students in England recreated and celebrated a Hindu wedding in a workshop recently and it was reportedly an “enriching experience”. Year three students of the school, who are researching various perspectives of life in India, have already tried Indian cuisine and adopted a tiger from India, reports suggest. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan […]

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First Hindu prayer in Stockton City in 162 years

Stockton City Council in California (USA) will reportedly have its first Hindu invocation on July 10, which is nearly 162 years since the city was incorporated. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed will deliver invocation from ancient Sanskrit scriptures before the City Council. After Sanskrit delivery, he then will read the English translation of the prayer. […]

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US Hindus to honour Julia Roberts for devotion to Hinduism

Hindus have decided to honor Oscar winner Hollywood star Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) for her unwavering devotion to Hinduism and her endorsing Hinduism in a way no Hollywood celebrity seems to have done in the past. It was nearly two years ago she confessed of being a “practicing Hindu”, and she seems to be sticking […]

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