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Modi to popularise ‘Make in India’ for economic progress at G 20

By Ashok Kumar Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India will be the first Prime Minister from India, after 28 years, who will be visiting Australia. He is the first prime minister to represent the people of India after he got the full mandate of the people. He will be joining President Francois Hollande of […]

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Australia, India to strengthen educational ties : Abbott

India will participate in the New Colombo Plan when it expands across the Indo-Pacific region in 2015. The New Colombo Plan will build on our already strong education links with India and complement the Indian Government’s Connect to India initiative which funds five Indian universities to each host at least 30 international students, said Australian […]

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Abbott likely to sign N- deal on 5 Sept., to meet Sachin in Mumbai

 From Rajeev Sharma New Delhi, 4 September: The suspense over the Indo-Australian nuclear safety deal continues as the Australian Prime Minister is reaching here in a few hours. On 5th September a signing ceremony is likely in the Hyderabad House. The Ministry of External Affairs, Joint Secretary (South) Mr. Sanjay Bhattacharya during a press briefing […]

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Indian Australians vital part of Team Australia

Dr. Yadu Singh writes in his Blog Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has rightly said recently that there is no point to migrate if people are not willing to put Australia, its interests, its values and its people first!  He further said ‘You don’t migrate to this country unless you want to join our team, calling […]

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Any Australian assisting terrorists will be arrested on return: Abbott

By Ashok Kumar While emphasising Australia’s history, diversity and unity, Prime Minister Tony Abbott hailed the positive decision made by the people to leave their homeland and come to Australia. He underlined the fact that, “you have left the country of your birth, your ancestors, your culture and heritage.” You have to preserve that culture, […]

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Australia, India conclude Civil Nuclear Deal; Uranium soon

Dr. Yadu Singh writes in his blog From various news sources, it is clear that Australia has concluded Civil nuclear deal with India recently. Uranium trade between Australia and India is likely to start soon. It appears that the deal has been concluded relatively quickly after India elected its new Govt led by Mr Narendra Modi. […]

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Govt. will not repeal Sec. 18 B,C,D and E of RD Act: Abbott

The Government will not proceed with the proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (the Act). Over the last five months, the Government has undertaken a comprehensive process of community consultation. We wanted to hear from all stakeholders and all sections of the Australian community on this issue. We have listened to what you had to […]

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MH 17 not an accident but a crime: Abbott

  The downing of MH17 is not an accident, it’s a crime. There were 298 men, women and children on this aircraft – and their deaths offend our sense of justice. We grieve for all, but particularly for the 28 Australians who have lost their lives.   Many others were travelling to Australia on MH17, including […]

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How accountants can boost India’s trade ties with Australia

–By Raman Bhalla: —-The new Indian Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to the power on the promise of rapid economic development of India. This presents a great opportunity for Australia under the business friendly Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Australian India relations are strategic which means it is multi-facet relations […]

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Health, Education hit in Abbott Govt’s first budget

The Abbott Government’s fist budget brings an unprecedented $80 billion cut to health and education spending over the next decade. The other affected are  age pensioners, seniors concession card holders, family  payments and people on the disability support pension . In the document ,  there were  few surprises and little good news other than a new $20 […]

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