UIA, its President slipping deep into quagmire of fallacy

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The United Indian Associations (UIA), an umbrella body of various Indian States’ community associations, is slipping deep into the quagmire of fallacy. The Indian Sub-continent Times (The IST) has a copy of a media release issued by UIA, which lists 31 member associations but few of them have already reportedly pulled out of their group, and a few of them haven’t even existed for several years. A few more are not registered on the Fair Trading of NSW register. Some of them seem to be fictitious as their acronyms are listed without elaborating on what these acronyms stand for.

The IST has learnt that there are several associations who have not paid membership fees for several years but continue to be listed as UIA members. The IST has reliable information that about 50% of UIA’s  listed members have not paid membership fees for years and therefore are not official members, and aren’t eligible to attend meetings and vote. They have no linkage with or interest in UIA. Sydney Tamil Sangam had informed UIA President and the Executive Committee long ago that it has resigned from UIA membership, but that too continues to be on the list of UIA members. FISA has not existed for several years, but that too  is included in UIA list. The IST reliably understands that a few more members have lost faith in UIA and are likely to leave UIA soon.

It may be noted that for the reason of obtaining grant from the NSW Government, more the number of members, the more is the grant. Hence, UIA did not remove the non-functional members, non-existing  members  and those which have not paid the membership fee for several years from the list on the UIA letterhead and media releases. On top of this, UIA’s current president, Mr. Sreeni Pillamarri-led team has included groups like “PB Group,” and “NATA”, with no information or details. They appear to work as branch stackers for Mr Pillamari as many of them are in the executive Committee too. UIA should understand that making false claims is a breach of rules & regulations of Fair Trading NSW and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The IST wrote email to UIA President Mr. Sreeni Pillamari and the executive Committee several weeks ago to come clear on the issues but they chose not to respond.

In the meantime, The IST has come across another article ostensibly written by Mr. Pillamari’s promoters that he is in community service since 1993 whereas he came to Australia in 1998 as a student. He claimed to have joined Sydney Telugu Association (STA) soon after STA was formed in 1993, but The IST has reliable information from Sydney Telugu Association leaders that  Mr. Pillamarri joined STA much after he arrived in Australia in 1998 and was active from only 2014. In any case, Mr.Pillamarri couldn’t have joined STA soon after STA’s launch in 1993, when he was not even in Australia, and couldn’t have been active in the community, when he was a student and when he left Australia for several years (2010-2013). After a stream of concerns and complaints, the above-mentioned article has now been completely edited by the marketing website and has none of these claims made by Mr Pillamarri now.

This is a major fiasco for Mr Sreeni Pillamarri, because his massive promotion of this article, which he claimed to come from an “independent” group (this website is owned by a marketing group) and for which he urged people everywhere including overseas to “like” and “share” on social media has gone into waste. His desire to get “popular” is in tatters.

Mr Sreeni Pillamari should also understamd the meaning of “independent”, because he was an “independent” candidate for Parramatta Council election in 2017, while continuing to be an active member of Liberal Party. This made him  and Liberal Party a butt of joke in the community. Liberal party doesn’t need enemies when its members make outrageous claims like what Mr Pillamari  had made.

There is one more problem here. Mr Sreeni Pillamarri  mentioned in his LinkedIn profile that he has been UIA president since February 2017. But the fact is that he was elected UIA President only in April 2018, some 14 months later and it was John Kennedy, who was UIA president until he completed his tenure in April 2018.
Mr. Pillamarri is now a leader and just by building castles in the air  will not take him any further  on road to quality leadership that mandates higher standards of behaviour and ethics.
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