UN working on tougher sanctions against North Korea

By The IST Newsdesk

Sydney, April 15, 2017

Not all love is lost between Washington and Pyongyang. There are indications that the US is preparing to launch naval strike on North Korea and the latter threatening to respond with strong military action.  The US has already deployed an aircraft carrier in the Pacific to pressurise Pyongyang to discard its nuclear policy.

The associated parties like Japan, South Korea and China seems to be in alert mode. Japan has gone into internal discussions over its plans to evacuate its 60,000 odd citizens from South Korea in the eventuality of the war. The North Korea has paraded its military might during the annual celebration of its founding father Kim Ill Sung’s 105th birth anniversary. Japan has made it clear to Washington that plan for any attack must be made known to Tokyo before it actually happens.

But the experts on Korean study both in the US and Europe feels diplomatic and economic measures can save the situation from turning grave. The UN feels that sanctions against North Korea have not been fully explored. The UN on Feb 27 last in a panel of experts report noted that implementation of the sanctions remain highly inconsistent and insufficient.  Therefore stringent and tougher sanctions could prevent escalation of explosive situation in the Pacific.

China appears to have indicated to the US that it was willing to work with Washington on the North Korean nuclear issue.  The Straits Times reported that China has levers that it could use to change the situation. There is a feeling in the diplomatic circles that change engineered by China is better than the change engineered by US.

Meanwhile, despite sanctions North Korea has indicated to undertake another missile test or sixth nuclear test. Kim Ill Un appeared to be exultant in front of a packed Kim Ill Sung Square amid reports that the US has deployed aircraft carrier in the Pacific.

All hope is not lost in the Pacific as powers are working to diffuse the situation.



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