Why High Commission of India and Consulates in Australia should refain from being selective when inviting operatives linked with Indian political parties




Sydney, NSW, 16 November, 2016

The IS Times has been contacted by many Indians living in Australia with their concerns in regards to high profile invitations which High Commission of India (HCI) and Consulates seem to be extending to operatives linked with some political parties of India.  It also appears that this favour is limited to only ruling party, BJP. It does not seem to be extended to other parties like Aam Admi Pary (AAP), Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Telangana Rashtriya Samithi (TRS), AIDMK, Congress (INC) and others which also have branches in Australia.  This is obviously very unfair and wrong. Though there is no need or purpose to have branches of Indian political parties in Australia is an important topic for discussion, but it can be for some other occasion.

The operatives with purported links with Indian political parties are quite low-level workers, without any practical relevance either to the Indian political parties or Indian community in Australia. They are not interested or capable of doing anything worthwhile for either the party or the community. Being Australian citizens, they do not even have voting rights in India. As foreign citizens, they can not even fundraise for Indian political parties. Their roles is nothing more than a cheer squad for their political parties.  Basically, they are “Mr Nobodies”, who get importance only because of invitations from HCI and Consulates.

This practice is unwarranted, unnecessary and should be stopped.

Also, it is not an appropriate practice for visiting Indian ministers to meet these operatives for the same reasons as outlined above. Indian ministers visit Australia on behalf of Government of India (GOI) and at the expense of Indian tax payers money. They are not visiting here as representatives of their political party and are not here to do work for their political party. They are here on GOI business, not their political party business. If they must meet operatives in Australia linked to their party, they must also meet members of all Indian political parties.

There is quiet a bit of disquiet in the community with sights of “good for nothing”, irrelevant and self-seeking operatives of the branches of Indian political parties meeting and having pictures with visiting ministers.  This is nothing but self-promotion as it has no purpose or relevance to Indian community here.

Current High Commissioner of India and Consul General in Sydney have been much better in dealing with the community when compared with their predecessors, but the practice of giving undue importance to irrelevant operatives of branches of some Indian political parties is something which has happened frequently under their supervision.

As explained, this selective practice is not only inappropriate but it is also unnecessary and unfair. It is about time that it is given a quick burial.

Ashok Kumar




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