Why insolvent Kushagra Bhatnagar can’t hold OFBJP position

Sydney, 14 October, 2016
By Ashok Kumar
After I was subjected to a relentless and organised attack by OFBJP Australia with active, motivated and shameless, encouragement by OFBJP global head, Vijay Chauthaiwale over the last 2 days, I have received a lot of support from people in Australia who are strong supporters of BJP and Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. They have taken a very dim view of these antics from Balesh Dhankar and his cronies. They do not believe that an undischarged bankrupt, Kushagra Bhatnagar, should be made OFBJP Victoria President by Mr Balesh Dhankar and Mr Vijay Chauthaiwale. They felt it was wrong on multiple fronts including optics for OFBJP and BJP image. Balesh is a text book example of how to ruin an organisation.

inslovency1To make an ugly situation uglier, Dhankar, arrogantly, has issued a press release/public notice stating that Bhatnagar was appointed OFBJP Australia (Victoria) President by the team which included him and Chauthaiwale. This means Chauthaiwale approved this appointment. This is indicative of arrogance and their disregard for what is right and wrong. No wonder Chauthaiwale was actively retweeting abusive and bullying tweets against me from Dhankar, Jay Shah and few more who were acting on their behalf. They created even a few fake Twitter handles too to attack me. They also said that I am maligning OFBJP but the people who are actually maligning OFBJP are Dhankar, Kushagra Bhatnagar and Jay Shah with active support of Chauthaiwale.

They questioned my love for India and patriotism, ignoring the fact that it was I who exposed the sad saga of OFBJPinsolvency2 Australia Convenor, Rahul Jethi, attending a welcome dinner for Ex-chief of ISI in Sydney, leading to his sacking by none else but Chauthaiwale. Dhankar and company did not even know what was happening in regard to Jethi attending ISI Ex-chief’s welcome dinner, which shows how irrelevant and disconnected they are inside Indian Australian community. I am patriotic but not a blind supporter of any body. I am a journalist and independent to hold and express my views.
Several members of Indian community in Australia, many of whom are hardcore supporters of BJP, have provided vital information about OFBJP Australia and matters related to Bhatnagar. More to come.

insolvency-3OFBJP Australia is a registered association with NSW Department of Fair Trading. It is, therefore, under the jurisdiction of NSW Department of Fair Trading, and must follow NSW Department of Fair Trading’s rules and regulations. NSW Department of Fair Trading’s model constitution/rules have quite clear provisions in regards to bankrupt people. As per rules a bankrupt person can not hold a position in the Executive Committee of the association and any position held by a bankrupt/insolvent person becomes vacant the moment bankruptcy becomes a fact. This means that someone else, who is not bankrupt, must hold that position.

Same rules apply in Victoria, although OFBJP Australia is registered in NSW.

The IS Times stands by its reports about OFBJP Australia and Kushagra Bhatnagar and reaffirms that Bhatnagar’s position as OFBJP Australia (Victoria) president is untenable and is in breach of rules and regulations in NSW and Victoria.

From the feedback this paper has received over last few weeks, it is clear that current OFBJP Australia leaders are totally disconnected from the community and true blue BJP supporters in Australia. These self-serving people have also become totally irrelevant. The sad part is that Chauthaiwale, who should be working to enhance the name and clout of OFBJP brand, is keeping his eyes closed and, worse, encouraging Dhankar and his cronies at the cost of BJP image and interests.

Finally, my advice to OFBJP again is to shoot/deal with the message, not the messenger. fair-trading

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