You spend a third of your life in bed

By Roseline Deleu: Your bedroom is the most important room for your health and happiness and should be considered as your Love Sanctuary for you and your partner (even if you don’t have one). Did you realise that you are spending a third of your life in bed so have a closer look at this room today.
Your master bedroom is where you rest, relax, regain your strength and intimately share your love for your partner. The position of the bed is important and also what surrounds you as all items in this room are automatically scanned by your eyes giving an immediate impulse to your brain. This scanning process happens anytime during the day and more importantly you scan your bedroom before you go to sleep and as you wake up. Its decor sets the mood for your sleep and dreams and gives you a quick to start a cheerful daIdeal bed placement
r Away from any earth radiation and underground water veins
r The occupants should have the widest possible view and should be able to see anyone entering the room
r Avoid feet pointing towards the door (coffin position)
r Bed head never on the same wall as the exterior meter box
r Equal distance on both side of the bed to give the couple the same chances in life
r Preferably avoid having your bed head under the window
r Away from any ‘poison arrows’ such as protruding corners or anything sending Sha Chi to the bed

NO NO’s for the master bedroom
r NO pictures of kids. You are mum and dad all around the house but keep your bedroom as private as your love for each other. Your bedroom symbolises you as a couple.
r NO books. These should ideally be in the study. Read in the study or in the lounge. Keep your bed to relax and sleep. Remember an interesting book can keep you awake and distracted from the initial purpose of the room
r NO liquid crystal alarm clock just near your head. You will wake up with headache. It has to be at least 1.5 metres away from your bed. Why not place it from now on in your ensuite? The noise of the music will wake you up and usually it is the first room where we go after getting out of bed.
r NO representation of the Water element (this includes No waterbed, No water picture, No fountain, No aquarium, etc.) But: YES to your bottle or glass of water for your night drink.
r NO mirrors on side walls nor on the foot of the bed
r NO computer or anything related to your daily business or work
r NO real plants and NO fresh flowers at night in your bedroom

MUST for the master bedroom
r For a couple: make sure you have at least a picture of the two of you when you had a good time or at a happy moment of your life together
r For singles: frame a picture of you at your best. Look good; feel good, that is what you will create for yourself strengthening your self-confidence. If you wish to attract a partner into your life, empty one shelve and some hanging space of your wardrobe. Keep one bedside table clear and ready to welcome someone into your life.
r Keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered
r Every start of the season, go through your wardrobe. Check for the clothes you have not been wearing in the last twelve months. Those could be out of fashion, too large or too small. De-clutter!
r Colour code your wardrobe, you will see how much harmony you bring around you

Other Tips
r Remove as many electrical devices from the bedroom as possible or unplug them all before sleeping. If you must have the radio clock, keep it at least two metres from the bed. These measures help reduce the electromagnetic field exposure
r For the best sleep avoid mattresses with metal spring. Natural foamed rubber well aired before use or a Futon are the best alternatives as metal bed springs can be magnetised.
r Metal frames often carry both electrical and magnetic fields. Replace them with wooden bed frames and remove any metal including power cords from under the bed
r Electric blankets are dangerous and also increase the exposure to electromagnetic fields. It is far better to use natural blankets, doonas, flannel sheets
r Synthetic carpets can fill the air you breathe with chemicals, often toxic, and change the natural balance of air ions to produce a stale unhealthy air mass
r Waterbeds are very dangerous and can be like sleeping under a high voltage power line. The stagnant water has the ability to hold an electrical charge from the heating element thus increase the ‘body voltage’ levels
r Open your window at night, even a little will help. This is the cheapest way to get fresh air and negative ions into the room. Some homes become full of stale dead air especially during winter as the heating drives out or consumes the oxygen that is not replaced unless the building has proper ventilation.

I am available for Feng Shui consultations everywhere in Australia and I am looking expand my teachings to New Feng Shui Practitioners worldwide.

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